Maze of Galious (Knightmare II) maps

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Maps for Konami's "Maze of Galious" (aka Knightmare 2)

"" created by mars2000you.
"Maze of Galious - World map.jpg" & "Maze of Galious - Castle map.jpg" from a Japanese computer game magazine ("MSX Magazine" or "LOG IN").

20170307 added "Maze of Galious - World map.jpg" & "Maze of Galious - Castle map.jpg"
20170225 Updated "" (Also available at

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01-10-2021, 09:39

This map is part of the appendix called Tsushin, number 4 with the blond lady on the front wearing a bikini. The appendix is part of Login 1987-08.

This twitter-post has a picture of both:

Notice the lower left side of the appendix: Majo Densetsu II deluxe map

The login magazines are sold quite often, but they usually DON'T contain the tsushin appendix! On top of that, the appendix might not even contain the world map anymore.

If it is there, the world map is stapled into the appendix and needs to be taken out carefully in order to see it in full. That explains why a lot of them are damaged.

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21-09-2022, 12:13

Hi all,

I have one full original Tsushin appendix with the brand new Map included!.

Open for Trade in case anyone is interested private e-mail address is on my profile.

Best Regards!

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Master (209)

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25-09-2022, 18:53