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.MUS to .KSS convertor

بواسطة MSX Resource Center بتاريخ 17-12-2011, 10:59

Convert FAC Soundtracker .MUS files to .KSS files

1.44Mb Boot Sector Writer

بواسطة MSX Resource Center بتاريخ 17-12-2011, 10:59

sec0_144 is a program to write a standard MSX boot sector to 1.44MB disks, making them bootable with a "LS-120 SuperDisk" drive on a IDE Interface. Use 1.44MB disks formatted in standard IBM format.

720 KB to 360 KB Disk image converter

بواسطة MSX Resource Center بتاريخ 17-12-2011, 10:59

This tool converts 720 KB disk images to 360 KB disk images. PC required.

Anger - Map

بواسطة mars2000you بتاريخ 03-01-2020, 19:14

Map for Anger created by mars2000you.

Anger is a game released by MSX Club Magazine and included with the disk subscription for number 40 of March/April 1992.

(I've corrected a little mistake about a clue of the game)

ANIMECHA Ver. 2.00

بواسطة Takamichi بتاريخ 24-11-2019, 14:56

Graphics/animation editor by Mar'z Project/Tempest. Was declared freeware and available from official website.

ANMA's Frantic - sources

بواسطة stompetower بتاريخ 08-04-2019, 20:33

What's inside the zip-file:

- MSX virtual disks (.dsk) with:
- Frantic source code.
- Frantic graphics.
- Frantic stages / jobs.
- FReditor (to create/edit job files).
- source code of ANMA's tracker RED.
- other code, like standard routines, sound effects.
- Info related to music, replayer, sound effects.
- Info about how to Build the original Frantic files.

ARC - Map

بواسطة mars2000you بتاريخ 04-04-2018, 22:07

Map for ARC created by mars2000you.

AshGuine - Map

بواسطة mars2000you بتاريخ 02-01-2016, 21:43

Map for AshGuine created by mars2000you.

AshGuine Story II - Maps

بواسطة mars2000you بتاريخ 02-01-2016, 21:44

Maps forAshGuine Story II created by mars2000you.

asMSX version 1.0

بواسطة fubukimaru بتاريخ 08-12-2020, 17:32

asMSX is a Z80 cross-assembler for MSX, originally developed by Eduardo "pitpan" A. Robsy Petrus and now mantained by the asMSX team. This project is based on GPLv3 code release by Lucas "cjv99". MRC wiki has an entry for asMSX.

The included file has the windows, linux and osx versions of the cross-assembler.

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