MSX Omega cases

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بواسطة geijoenr

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18-04-2022, 17:26

I would love to have access to some big-ass milling machine to make a unibody aluminum case, then anodize the aluminum in different colors.

Of course this would be super-expensive but with the right case design the result would be amazing.


بواسطة Palver

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صورة Palver

19-04-2022, 14:52

Another one from soyod:

And Palver:

(Pictures 3 and 4 in previous page are clones from the last one)

بواسطة msxmakers

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صورة msxmakers

19-04-2022, 23:14

hamlet wrote:

MSXmakers did a few designs, here is a nice one

Thank you for your kind words but Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile this one was just a failure trying to bend acrylic myself. Hand cuted too.
Here you are some good ones:
This is a customized version from Palver's case built by MerlinKV who adds some nice mods.

This design is from Capsule5000, XL acrylic case:

My favourite one from Aivalahostia (is the same Palver's 3d XL design):

And finally my wood case was moved to my Artemisa MSX1 computer, because it also needed some clothes.

I hope you like.

بواسطة crisag

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20-06-2022, 15:37

@msxmakers, are those acrylic cases made in 5mm or 3mm? specially the one from capsule...

بواسطة itozzz

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21-08-2022, 22:17

Hi: this is my new custom case with gotek, needs to polish some details, hope you like...

بواسطة msxmakers

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صورة msxmakers

23-09-2022, 23:00

crisag wrote:

@msxmakers, are those acrylic cases made in 5mm or 3mm? specially the one from capsule...

I think is acrilic 4mm.
you can modify yourself at:
github repository

بواسطة ahmsx

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15-10-2022, 00:54


I made some modifications to one of Capsule5000's acrylic case designs to better suite my needs.
I published the design files and build instructions on my github just in case someone finds it useful/interesting,


بواسطة msxmakers

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08-01-2023, 22:52

Here you have a fantastic article talking about most of the OMEGA case's
I hope you like it:

بواسطة nullvalue

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27-01-2023, 09:15

Hey I'm new here but am in the middle of an Omega build and going for a separate keyboard like that in Soyod's above. I can't find his original post where he shared it. Does anyone know if those STL's are public? Does this forum allow you to send private messages?

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