how many turbo-r machines are sold ?

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29-08-2010, 00:05

maybe we can clone the TurboR in a vat of owl fluids?

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29-08-2010, 00:49

turboR was exclusive (about computer/personal computer), specially due the price (US$ 1200 for GT).

I wouldn't be surprise they sold only 20,000 units, this is why Panasonic (and any other big manufacturer) never went back to MSX again, or continued to release more hardware for it.

I know the 3DO story/thing, but also was a bad business, a lot more than it was with Turbo R.

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30-08-2010, 12:22

Msx was marketted as a home computer iirc. I recall back then (20 years ago, i was a little kid so memory may not be as sharp) the following distinction was made:

- Home computers: computers aimed for home marked such as msx, c64 etc. Used for gaming, music, programming
- Personal computers: aimed for office work, mainly the IBMs, intel/amd based etc. Used for word processing, finance etc.

Ofcourse there were word/accounting tools on home computers, and personal computers had games, so the difference may have only been the retail price maybe? (And obviously PC's and Macs eventually replaced the home computers, so that distinction isn't made anymore)

So I think both Yukio and Latok are right.

Turbo R was marketted as personal computer, therefore appealed to (besides the msx fans) a small market of users who wanted to do some office work at home, since big companies would just get established PC's like FM Towns instead of a newcomer in this market (same as most offices currently run windows on workstations instead of some "unkown OS" like Ubuntu or whatever linux variant.

Interesting topic, I for one would like to know the numbers of MSX's sold over the word. Wikipedia says 5 million, how many of those are msx 1/2/2+/t-r?.

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30-08-2010, 15:53

So we can say for so far that minimal 10924 ST's where sold
and 10817 GT's are sold. For some reason it looks, by the amount of serial numbers
the GT is more populair now insteed of the ST.
Maybe the ST is more Rare insteed of the GT Wink



If you have a GT or ST please give your serial number.

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30-08-2010, 16:06

Interesting topic, I for one would like to know the numbers of MSX's sold over the word. Wikipedia says 5 million, how many of those are msx 1/2/2+/t-r?.

It's verry interesting how many different MSX's are sold .. I don't know but i think there are more msx 1 computers sold than above..

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30-08-2010, 16:21

1LSKSA07359 A1GT

بواسطة Huey

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30-08-2010, 16:37

A1ST: 1BNME19425

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31-08-2010, 00:53

Looks like they sold just around 30,000 units (both ST and GT).

For 5 millions, it means every MSX version.

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31-08-2010, 09:13

GT: 1KKSA03834 & GT: 1LKSA10290

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31-08-2010, 10:24

A1ST: 0LNMB09377

Did anyone spot the pattern already?
The first digit is the year the unit was produced.
I got my A1ST in March 1991 with the first batch that came to the Netherlands (the Dirk Haagmans story), so the unit must have been produced in 1990.
The next three characters are some sort of factory/batch/revision code (speaking for the STs there is the 1990 LNMB batch plus LNMC batch and in 1991 the BNME batch)
The last 5 digits is the serial code.

Jippy, I have one of the first 10.000 A1STs LOL!

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