39th MSX-RU photo shoots and video footage

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المناقشة: Photo shoots

Source: Konamito

Last weekend the 39th edition of the Aamsx MSX-RU meeting in Barcelona was held. A massive amount of photo shoots, videos and fair reports have been published on various corners of the web. Here is an overview of those we spotted:

Photo shoots


Fair reports

Relevant link: MSX-RU overview by Konamito

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بواسطة MsxKun

Paragon (1134)

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11-06-2011, 10:52

Long live to Rus!

Excuse all the stupid ads from my photo gallery at Paxanga. I'm really tired of Miarroba and their hundreds of ads. Got rid of them for my web (thanks to retroinvaders.com) Someday I should have to move the rest of stuff out of there too. Blog, photogallery and so.... Sad

بواسطة Sander

Founder (1872)

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11-06-2011, 11:48

@MSXkun: tip, just upload here ;-)

بواسطة Sander

Founder (1872)

صورة Sander

11-06-2011, 11:51

What's that Ustream vid? Apart from some balearic mubling I really don't see anything related ;-) BTW: ustream sucks, vidsstreams are actually interrupted with ads.

بواسطة doraemonppc

Master (247)

صورة doraemonppc

11-06-2011, 19:18

@Sander the correct link is this http://retroactivo.es/2011/06/retroactivo-podcast-6-39%C2%AA-ru-aamsx-opera-soft/
Its a live conection from a podcast about retrocomputing to the RU, but its in spanish

بواسطة JohnHassink

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12-06-2011, 22:25

You guys are so lucky to have such a fair. Smile

بواسطة doraemonppc

Master (247)

صورة doraemonppc

15-06-2011, 21:10

Another report in a videogames section of a newspaper (in Català) http://vadejocs.ara.cat/parauladebeat/2011/06/15/la-39a-reunio-dusuaris-dmsx/

بواسطة Walter.MSX

Expert (73)

صورة Walter.MSX

20-06-2011, 20:28

Amazing ! Cool

Congratulations to Jordi : you participated in Barcelona's to a one great RU with him ! Tongue

بواسطة Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1802)

صورة Jorito

21-06-2011, 22:27

I liked the video report of the RU meeting, it gave a good impression of the meeting. Way better than yet another photoshoot Smile

Also I like the idea they have at the RU meetings where they pick a microphone and interview each stand owner what they have for sale. That, and the discussion forum they organized a few RU meetings back (december 2009 I think). At least the Spanish caught up that you need more than just booths to entertain the visitors Smile

بواسطة JohnHassink

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22-06-2011, 02:40

True, but I think the guys from MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg did an excellent job bringing extra life to recent Dutch MSX fairs by organising those fun MSX related quizzes. :)

بواسطة WORP3

Paladin (864)

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22-06-2011, 09:02

Here an interview with Supersoniqs @39th MSX-RU:

Part1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT0fH8zzbDI

Part2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epJkGMmDS70

Have fun ;)