Hidden MSX hardware

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بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (6219)

صورة gdx

07-08-2021, 02:45

Nice find!
I think I found a while ago some comments about these kind of games on a Japanese site and I probably had to report it in the forum but I can not find any trace anywhere.

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1431)

صورة Randam

07-08-2021, 08:33

Like tfh says: would be amazing if those would be playable. And interested to know if the software was set up to choose girls to play against or whether they had different machines set up for specific ones. Were there any other machines set up like this like pachinko machines, slotmachines or mahjong machines?

بواسطة Parn

Paladin (837)

صورة Parn

07-08-2021, 15:11

Grauw wrote:

Neat stuff! Makes me I wonder what those graphics looks like. Purely out of academic interest, of course.

I was curious as well, but then I found something, and I'm not sure it's the same thing, but if it is, let's just say it's not very good. You can get the gist of it by searching for "The Yakyuuken" on the internets. New Jatre seems to have been churning these out on a regular basis, and you can even see video of one of the later installments for the Sega Saturn on YouTube. I won't link any of that but they're fairly easy to find. Just be warned that it will probably curse your YouTube and Google searches. And your eyeballs.

بواسطة Pac

Scribe (7011)

صورة Pac

07-08-2021, 17:42

There is a video on Nico site.

بواسطة Pac

Scribe (7011)

صورة Pac

06-06-2022, 18:21

Not hidden but probably unknown peripherals...


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