Multipaint released

Multipaint released

بواسطة Marq بتاريخ 26-02-2016, 14:43
المناقشة: Software

Tero "Dr. TerrorZ/L!T" has released his paint program "Multipaint" that lets you draw MSX1, Commodore 64 or Spectrum images on Linux, Windows and Mac. The editor is written in Processing and requires JAVA to run. Source code is available as well! Next step perhaps a brand new MSX demo from Lieves!Tuore?

Relevant link: Multipaint website

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التعليقات (11)

بواسطة Poltergeist

Champion (279)

صورة Poltergeist

26-02-2016, 15:35

Maybe changing the link to the website might be helpful, as this one is not working...

بواسطة JohnHassink

Ambassador (5624)

صورة JohnHassink

26-02-2016, 16:19

Thanks for noting. It's fixed.

بواسطة AxelF

Champion (395)

صورة AxelF

26-02-2016, 21:32

Thank you, this is a great tool, THANKS Smile

بواسطة ray2day

Paladin (703)

صورة ray2day

28-02-2016, 16:57

cool Cool

بواسطة spacemoai1973

Ambassador (0)

صورة spacemoai1973

29-02-2016, 01:06

A couple of MSX1 screenshot would be nice. I will check it out! Cool

بواسطة Samor

Prophet (2162)

صورة Samor

29-02-2016, 09:51

Nice tool.... seems it outputs MSX images as .COM files.

بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (5833)

صورة gdx

03-03-2016, 00:31

In this case, what is MSXSHOW.COM?

بواسطة anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

صورة anonymous

03-03-2016, 20:02

gdx wrote:

In this case, what is MSXSHOW.COM?

It is a template file, the basis for the exported image file when clicking the EX EMU icon. Just to clarify, it is not a command for showing images. If the MSXSHOW.COM is run on an MSX, it will only show a white screen.

بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (5833)

صورة gdx

04-03-2016, 01:13

If Multipaint save in SC2 format then it would be helpful. SC2VIEW can show it.

بواسطة Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

صورة Maggoo

05-03-2016, 16:11

Very nice tool, as easy to use as DDGRAPH (my reference). It would be great to add MSX2 Palette support so it can also be used for Screen 4 !

بواسطة SkyeWelse

Champion (471)

صورة SkyeWelse

12-03-2016, 18:06

Very nice! I'm also hoping for a MSX2 Palette support. : )