checking interest in MP3 cartridge

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بواسطة marcoo

Expert (111)

صورة marcoo

12-04-2017, 18:55

I want option 1 mp3 +radio

بواسطة Totally Chaos

Rookie (20)

صورة Totally Chaos

12-04-2017, 19:10

Orders for Mp3 Cartridges you can do now.
As soon as they are ready for the sales let it know.
Totally Chaos

بواسطة Pablibiris

Paragon (1814)

صورة Pablibiris

12-04-2017, 19:28

Only one question Smile
The mp3 cartridge will have a plastic case? Or is a nude board?

بواسطة edoz

Prophet (2458)

صورة edoz

12-04-2017, 19:32

Still i have this question about the device in combination with SymbOS.
Would it work in SymbOS without modification to the software? i was reading here that it would be, and that it will be an I/O device, but does that mean the same I/O calls and hardware chip like the Sunrise MP3?
So fully compatible? Like to know that to be sure? Was it already tested against it?

What does the (mini) radio option? Does it add DAB++ or FM?

Thanks! Very nice project anyway!

بواسطة marcoo

Expert (111)

صورة marcoo

12-04-2017, 19:58

is it possible to pay via banktransfer i do not have paypal or a credit card?

بواسطة -Neo-

Champion (396)

صورة -Neo-

12-04-2017, 21:11

Ok, ordered mp3 plus mini radio for 55 euro and looking forward to receive and play with one from the first batch.

بواسطة edoz

Prophet (2458)

صورة edoz

12-04-2017, 22:34

Maybe an suggestion to support English as well for the web- shop url.

بواسطة OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1426)

صورة OeiOeiVogeltje

15-05-2017, 23:12

a small update here....

first test has been done with the SE-ONE (which apparently is the name of the device)

for more info and status updates look here

بواسطة Robby

Master (212)

صورة Robby

16-05-2017, 23:16


بواسطة o.geerdink

Hero (588)

صورة o.geerdink

17-05-2017, 05:15

Does the umja work with scrollwheel?

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