Marble Machine

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بواسطة ARTRAG

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07-08-2017, 23:43

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بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10721)

صورة Grauw

08-08-2017, 00:11

Nice PSG+SCC rendition and animation! The PSG-only version’s also nice btw, I may even like it a little more…

I thought I recognised the tune from somewhere… :D


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08-08-2017, 09:15

Oh, I hope this is just a demo version... In the end the rhythm goes too fast and then all of the sudden the song just stops... We want the whole song, this is great!

بواسطة Guillian

Prophet (3516)

صورة Guillian

08-08-2017, 10:52

Thank you all! Nice to hear you liked it.
Here is the ROM

بواسطة Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

صورة Lord_Zett

08-08-2017, 12:59

nice, love demos!

بواسطة [WYZ]

Champion (451)

صورة [WYZ]

09-08-2017, 21:17

Indeed, it's a nice and enjoyable demo.

بواسطة Pac

Scribe (6974)

صورة Pac

10-08-2017, 11:20

I love this kind of stuff Wink

بواسطة syn

Prophet (2117)

صورة syn

10-08-2017, 18:21

never seen the original before

both are nice

بواسطة ren

Paragon (1932)

صورة ren

11-08-2017, 10:30

Nice one guys, sounding good!

From the videos/description(s) it looks like WYZ did the entire demo, but it's credited to Guillian (in the ROM at least) as well, what gives? Smile

(Nitpicky: I feel there's some inconsistency in to what alternate version(s) the different videos are pointing to Wink)

-edit: too bad you didn't make it for this ;)

بواسطة [WYZ]

Champion (451)

صورة [WYZ]

11-08-2017, 12:20

@ren: Thanks!
Time ago Guillian requested me the PSG+SCC version of Marble Machine but I thought he was jocking, the music seemed to me very dificult for coding into MSX, few weeks ago he remembered this pending task and I updated the PSG+SCC replayer and coded the music. As opposite I thought it was very easy.
Almost complete Guillian suggested to include screen 2/4 frames showing Wintergatan Marble Machine and he finally did it but since he is a shy guy he refused to credit himself. Finally I pressed him and the credits are now coplete but not in the previous versions.

It was too late for the 1st anniversary Sad

بواسطة ren

Paragon (1932)

صورة ren

11-08-2017, 13:23

Hey, cool (so WYZ: arrangement / sound programming, Guillian: gfx/programming) Smile

Since you're talking about music coding: you didn't 'simply' arrange this in WYZTracker?
(I do see you committed a patched binary to the WYZTracker repository 2 days ago Smile)

While I'm at it, I'm enjoying the concert :)

(-edit: I now realize WYZTracker only does PSG of course, so you must have done some things differently... ;))

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