SofaRUN and "La Abadía del Crimen" for MSX2

بواسطة gaula82

Resident (45)

صورة gaula82

06-09-2019, 13:41


I am using latest sofarun to run some MSX2 games, and I have found that, while most of them work nicely, "La Abadia del Crimen" MSX2 version does not, hanging in a black screen forever.

I have extracted the files from the the DSK, and I can run the game with no problems at all doing:

...But as I said, SofaRun seems to have problems with this game. I have tried all options in "Settings" in SofaRun, but there seems to be no way of making this work!

The game is freely available here:

Do you guys know what the problem could be here?

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