Need a real machine recording of an MSX2 game's soundtrack (will pay)

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18-10-2020, 06:39

I am seeking someone to make some high-quality recordings of the OPLL version of Might and Magic II for MSX2 as part of an archive, including my personal friend, Tim Tully, who composed much of the music for the early games in the Might and Magic series (though he did not do this particular port). We already have an authentic recording done of the PSG version, we only need the OPLL version for Might and Magic II.

We are trying to get a recording of each version of each game's soundtrack. We understand that emulation is possible, but we are not interested in using emulation, as we want a recording made from the original hardware on a real MSX2. Since these games were ported to so many systems, it would be very expensive and time consuming for us to acquire every single system and learn its operations, especially when some of these soundtracks are incredibly short and some of the systems quite rare and costly. But we will monetarily compensate anyone for their time.

We have hacked disk images ready for Might and Magic II, allowing each musical cue to be heard easily at the start of the game.

Might and Magic II - MSX2 - OPLL version - 16 minutes of music (release date 1989)

Thank you for your consideration and help.

(Please do not reply unless you can make this a priority to get done.)

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بواسطة sdsnatcher73

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18-10-2020, 09:54

I would be happy to help you guys out! Send me an e-mail, the address is on my profile page. No payment required.

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19-10-2020, 11:20

depending what kind of quality you need I can also help.

I have Focursrite Saffire40 with nice preamps, so any quality up to 96kHz/24bit. Also I can do it nonprofit/nonpayment.

بواسطة xeenmusic

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27-10-2020, 07:07

Request fulfilled. Thank you!

بواسطة FiXato

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27-10-2020, 10:52

Will the archive be made public at some point? Smile

بواسطة wolf_

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27-10-2020, 10:57

I'd like to hear the differences between real and emulation as well. If any, the emulation could/should be improved. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers