SX-1 Mini + flashing Kai Magazine games questions

بواسطة tooloud

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صورة tooloud

04-12-2020, 10:57

I have received SX-1 Mini+ around two weeks ago, great tiny hardware, really enjoy it. I have stuck with one problem (seriously one).

I have bought Kai Magazine two games as digital download. They work well on MegaFlashROMSCC + on real MSX2 computers, but I wanted to run it directly from microSD card on SX-1 Mini+.

I tried Sofarun/Sofarom without success. What are options to try? I put SX-1 Mini+ in 4MB RAM mode, so it's not matter of lack of memory to use for .rom

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بواسطة tooloud

Rookie (27)

صورة tooloud

04-12-2020, 21:01

(I know "flashing" is not correct term, I meant running .rom files).

For the MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD I use opfxsd filename.rom /k5 /u command.

بواسطة NetNomad

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05-12-2020, 04:51

i've had a lot of luck with MGLOCM.COM which i think is already in the utils folder if you're using nextor off the SD card