The Lootbox!!!

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بواسطة Briqunullus

Paladin (668)

صورة Briqunullus

30-07-2021, 22:33

This is so sad. Even though I opted out on the lootbox, I still feel the loss.

On a side note, I always write the addresses on the box as a backup. The label is the single most precious element of a package. If it gets separated, the parcel is doomed. And I'm afraid nowadays stray packages simply get destroyed.

بواسطة dan

Master (243)

صورة dan

31-07-2021, 07:53

oh what a pity... maybe the goodies are replaceable, but the box itself... loved that box. last year during the lockdown i was sent an international package, it got lost too, claims were useless, but after four months the package magically returned to its origin. maybe it's a matter of time

بواسطة Jipe

Paragon (1614)

صورة Jipe

31-07-2021, 12:53

just an idea
it would be necessary to make a virtual lootbox
if a winner wants a game he sends another game(s) and a paypal payment for what he must receive
this is a low cost because it is lighter and if the game is lost the lootbox remains intact

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3962)

صورة sdsnatcher73

31-07-2021, 13:42

No insurance is necessary to be able to make a claim, all their deliveries are under AVP and AVP includes CMR for international packages. If a package is lost they have to pay out according to weight. Insurance is just needed if your package is worth more than it's SDR value in weight. A claim is definitely going to take some time and perseverance but I think €200 is definitely worth the effort and a good start to restocking.

بواسطة ray2day

Paladin (743)

صورة ray2day

31-07-2021, 17:51

PostNL is such a BAD company! I have so many bad experiences with PostNL.

Nowadays if I got the option to send it with another company I do it (even if I have to pay more)!

بواسطة Samor

Prophet (2174)

صورة Samor

31-07-2021, 19:16

Yeah, they're pretty bad, but what do you want with the ever increasing amount of packages and constant cost cutting...

I've already reduced my amount of online orders a great deal because of that.

بواسطة Golnebo

Resident (34)

صورة Golnebo

01-08-2021, 17:06


sdnatcher73: No insurance is necessary to be able to make a claim, all their deliveries are under AVP and AVP includes CMR for international packages.

This was the first thing I inquired about. They told me the only reimbursement I was eligable for, was the refund of 25 euros shipping. Since you sound very sure about this, I will look into it and try again. If this will work out, I will let you know.

The 25 euros will obviously go towards the new lootbox or plans for something else.

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3962)

صورة sdsnatcher73

01-08-2021, 21:27

This is their general terms site, which contains a link to the general terms for goods deliveries, Article 11.2 refers to international shipments which are handled through the CMR. In article 17 it clearly says:


The carrier shall be liable for the total or partial loss of the goods and for damage thereto occurring between the time when he takes over the goods and the time of delivery, as well as for any delay in delivery.

Article 23 describes the payout based on weight x 8.33 x SDR (which is like a currency for packages and it‘s exchange rate to USD changes over time).

بواسطة Golnebo

Resident (34)

صورة Golnebo

16-08-2021, 13:44

I have had a hefty email conversation with PostNL support. In the end they will not reimburse me for the contents of the package they have lost. For the Dutch readers, they invoke article 9 of their general terms and conditions as stated here:

بواسطة edoz

Prophet (2482)

صورة edoz

16-08-2021, 16:52

... to bad MSX goodies where lost .. that is always bad, as they are not replaceable ..
Especially as it is still somewhere, maybe at the neighbor or so, which probably thinks .. what is this junk..

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