I have finished it!

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بواسطة S0urceror

Master (220)

صورة S0urceror

25-04-2021, 22:18

Daemos, I can confirm it works with a Carnivore on my 2nd NMS8250. This one is 100% original. The first one I tested on is also a NMS8250 but with a V9958 video processor upgrade. That one hangs in a black screen. Maybe I can help to debug and fix that.

Having played it now I must say Wow! If we would have these MSX2 games in the late 80s I guess the platform would have survived a bit longer.

بواسطة Daemos

Prophet (2170)

صورة Daemos

25-04-2021, 22:37

Hmmmz strange I have tested on my nms8250 with V9958 built in but with MFR and it just works fine. In fact I completed the whole game on that thing.

Is your BIOS upgraded to MSX2+ or something like that. I read BIOS code @ start. Try starting the game with 1 pressed.

بواسطة dumfrog

Resident (45)

صورة dumfrog

25-04-2021, 22:50

Ok, I have understood what that secret game is !

Now, question is : how to get it ??? :-)

بواسطة Sandy Brand

Champion (309)

صورة Sandy Brand

25-04-2021, 23:03

Yes, I think what this game is about now.
A fantastic achievement, well done! Smile

بواسطة Daemos

Prophet (2170)

صورة Daemos

25-04-2021, 23:13

If you feel like sending me something for my efforts. Just have a look at my profile.

بواسطة Bengalack

Paladin (802)

صورة Bengalack

25-04-2021, 23:23

Wow! This is it. A fantastic endevour! It's been a pretty long ride -but great work and perseverance! The game looks and feels great. A milestone in the history of MSX. Pushing the limits of our beloved system.

Thank you for raising the bar and congrats on the achievement, Daemos and the team!

بواسطة Bengalack

Paladin (802)

صورة Bengalack

26-04-2021, 09:35

So my cart, https://www.msx.org/wiki/Fractal2000_SD_Mapper/Megaram_512kb is insufficient. Had to run over to the cartridgeshop to get a flashrom-thingy to get something that can handle 2MB roms :) I hope they have products in stock.

And then... I hope for some fast delivery. My last delivery from Spain to Norway took 1+ month (which I find pretty insane).

بواسطة cax

Prophet (3741)

صورة cax

26-04-2021, 09:44

I have not been following the project all these years, so it took me some googling to find what this thread is about and to download this amazing game. Now I perfectly understand why you try to keep it under radar.

Congratulations, your hard work was worth it.
You proved that given enough time, support and perseverance wonderful things can be done.

بواسطة AxelStone

Prophet (3199)

صورة AxelStone

26-04-2021, 11:29

I really don't this that this game pushes the MSX2 to the limits, it pushes beyond the limit LOL!

بواسطة GhostwriterP

Paladin (702)

صورة GhostwriterP

26-04-2021, 12:21

It is quite packed with interesting (& technical) elements in it and I recognize the efforts it took, thumbs up!

But also I can't help feel it is a shame of the many little graphical glitches ... I suppose that is what is "pushing beyond the limits" means... And your best pall without a tongue! What kind of compromise is that? Wink

صفحة 8/11
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