A new MSX (3?) for 2022 ?

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18-06-2022, 13:59

What I understood for the little info and the drops of twitter posts, is that MSX3 will be compatible so you can use ASM, but he will suggest people to switch to more modern and always not so lovely high level languages cause he's already preparing MSX4 and/or 5 and that one will work only with modern code.
So, to don't let MSX3 stuff already obsolete, he wants people to code beyond the sexiness of Z80 asm. At the same time, he seems to want to be mandatory to make MSX1/2 versions of any *more modern" MSX3 game, wich is a bit contradictory with the first point.

Not sure I got it right, but well. Wait and see. If project goes ahead, once there is a real computer, and users using it, I'll see.
Meanwhile I keep an eye on the posts. And my other 2 eyes on the regular stuff. Evil

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18-06-2022, 14:09

Yeah compatibility for the long term sounds like he is talking about the future rather than just MSX3 since the MSX3 is supposed to be compatible with all MSX-compliant software already.

بواسطة aoineko

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18-06-2022, 16:11

Anyway, I imagine that MSX3's compatibility with z80 will be an emulation; I see no reason why it shouldn't keep this emulation for the next generations.
In my opinion, it will depend on the success of MSX3; if it is used mainly by MSX programmers who want to continue programming in z80, it will certainly keep the compatibility.
The fact that he finally added the V9990 proves that he is listening to the community.

بواسطة Pokun

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18-06-2022, 21:51

Emulation as in an implementation using programmable logic, so it's very different from software-based emulation but many still calls it emulation.
Yeah, I think things like FPGA and CPLD will become both much cheaper and increased in size in the future so I also think future MSX engines will be able to keep full backwards-compatibility without it increasing the cost significantly or being much of a hindrance for new features.

بواسطة SwissPanasonic

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23-06-2022, 10:59

June 23 rd from Nishi San
Dear Friends,
D4E president Mr. Suzuki agreed today they will launch 1 chip MSX 3 as their primary console for the EGG. As a option, will have a bay slot for DVDR or BDXLR and will support for CD, DVD, BD, BDUHD. Announcement for 1 chip MSX 3 by the end of summer.
I don't know if it's the same as the complete keyboards and computers originally planned by Nishi San as MSX3 and sold by Amazon.

بواسطة Parn

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23-06-2022, 16:47

It's not the same, he clarifies in the following tweets that they intend to release a few different models, including apparently some others not previously announced.

I frankly can't help but feel completely underwhelmed by this. He showed a picture on Twitter of something that looks almost the same as an OCM. And this talk about "primary console for the EGG" doesn't make me feel any better. I'm sorry for not being able to articulate this more clearly, but I have a bad feeling about this. It looks like a huge flop to me, and even though I love MSX I can't bring myself to want one of these. Not after everything Nishi has been saying.

بواسطة AxelStone

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23-06-2022, 21:25

Let's wait, it's soon to understan how it will be the machine, the impact in the indie market, the price, the availability... everything is on the air. For me the key is to wait, no hurry to buy until we see some clear results.

بواسطة Grauw

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24-06-2022, 21:03

بواسطة Parn

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24-06-2022, 21:38

"The MSX PC is barely known in the West."


بواسطة Manuel

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24-06-2022, 23:08

Some people from North America call their area "the West".

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