MSXdev22 #02 WÖRD

MSXdev22 #02 WÖRD

بواسطة MSXdev Team بتاريخ 07-03-2022, 18:56
المناقشة: Challenges
وسوم: msxdev'21, msxdev22

Heu-dee-meu-die-bork-bork! That's Swedish for Word-up!

Patrik's Retro Tech surprises us with a word guessing game that's issued in not one, not two, but four different languages! It's the MSX version of the popular online game Wordle. Guess the five letter word in six tries in this classic MSX1 style puzzle game.

You will find the complete story at the MSXdev original web site. If you are enjoying MSXdev, please consider donating to the contest.

relevant link: WÖRD - MSXdev official
relevant link: WÖRD - play online

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بواسطة santiontanon

Paragon (1832)

صورة santiontanon

08-03-2022, 03:28

Nice! Now I don't have to wait for a whole day to try to guess another word! haha

بواسطة FiXato

Scribe (1743)

صورة FiXato

08-03-2022, 13:36

santiontanon wrote:

Nice! Now I don't have to wait for a whole day to try to guess another word! haha

well, there's also if you want to play words of different lengths, and not just a single daily 5 letter word. :)


Enlighted (6093)


19-03-2022, 16:20

BUG! If you guess same letter two times and it is in wrong place, both are marked to wrong place although the letter exists only once on the final wörd.

بواسطة thalin

Resident (42)

صورة thalin

19-03-2022, 22:03

I hade some other bug reports related to double letters. I hope to release an update soon. Thanks!

بواسطة ro

Scribe (5061)

صورة ro

20-03-2022, 16:18

v1.1 has been released on