Looking for someone to create a Simple Demo utilising V9958, Z80 and SID hardware.

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02-08-2022, 15:57

I'm seeking someone who would be able to develop a small program, no larger than 32K, which runs a small game or audio/video demo. The hardware utilizes V9958 for video , Z80 for processing and SID for Audio.
I've put it in off-topic because technically it isn't MSX hardware, however, I think that someone who developed Z80 code to work with a V9958 or V9938 may be able to tweak their demos with a few additions, to work on an alternative platform.

Ideally if I were to provide the IO map locations of the VDP and SID and detail of the overly simple memory map, then maybe someone could advise on what else is needed?

Many thanks,

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