A cheap, simple and open hardware USB and PS2 keyboard to MSX Converter

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26-11-2022, 10:53

Dears, I'm an long time MSX user (since 1986), using a Brazilian MSX (EPCOM HotBit HB-8000). With objective to learn STM32, I developed a PS/2 (and USB in compatible mode) keyboard converter. Unlike a lot of various other solutions, my solution is directed to map PS/2 keystrokes to MSX, so translating those "incompatible" keyboards.
For example: in my case it was possible to match a 275 (brazilian ABNT2) keyboard to HB-8000 layout (a kind of ABNT1) through a Database.
The great of this design is that the user can edit and upload this Database easily.
The hardware is based on BlackPill (STM32F401CxU6) or BluePill (STM32F103C6T6) and a simple board (with Gerber files to request it to a PCB manufacturer) with protection electronics (resistors and transistors), with all documentation on https://github.com/evandrosouza-developer/ps2tomsxUSB.
The presentation file can be accessed at https://github.com/evandrosouza-developer/ps2tomsxUSB/tree/main/Documentation/PS2 to MSX Keyboard Conversion Presentation.pdf.
The repository is an complete enviroment, as it has the Conveter itself, plus the MSX Keyboard Subsystem Emulator and one Linux/MAC OS terminal application.
Be my guest and enjoy it!

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26-11-2022, 17:34

I have browsed through your repository, read the code and the documentation.
Nicely done! Congratulations!!!