In openmsx (debugger or console), how to see if SRAM is active?

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Paladin (803)

صورة Bengalack

04-02-2023, 11:20

(Apologize if this has been posted before and is clear to everyone)

I'm testing the mapper: ASCII16SRAM8 It seems to work like the one mentioned under "ASCII16 (ASCII)" and as "Hydlide 2 (SRAM of 2kB)", being enabled by bit 4.

However, I need to debug a few cases with this, and when I use the mapper, I cannot see WHEN the segment is active. In the case below, the SRAM is selected, and as the SRAM is full of 0xFF I get massive amounts of RST 38 instead of the code shown in "Code view". The "real/active" segment is not visible to me when debugging:


How can I see if the SRAM is active? Either in the debugger or via some commands?

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Hero (535)

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04-02-2023, 19:16

I don't think this is currently possible.

بواسطة Bengalack

Paladin (803)

صورة Bengalack

04-02-2023, 19:46

Ok. Thanks. This is certainly tricky to debug. I should make a feature request. …although I realize it might not be the most needed feature :O