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بواسطة selios2000

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10-02-2023, 10:17

Hello MRC owners. I invite you to create a "favicon" for your web. It brings a lot of personality when browsing in our PC, Mac, movile phones or tablets through all our favourite web pages and that icon/favicon/logo appears associated with the corresponding website.
Just create a logo of 500x500px, export it as ".png" and then convert it to ".ico", then put it in the root of the website via ftp.
For creating an ".ico": https://www.favicon-generator.org
I think it is a good idea for the MRC (I'm fed up of seeing just an "M" when I visit your web via my favourites...)

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بواسطة Firebird

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10-02-2023, 17:25

I think the current icon is nice. Are you just promoting the site? LOL!