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Four years later after its farewell, MSX AREA, the only Spanish magazine that was still published on paper, come back with new strength with this new issue.

MSX AREA #10 excels itself with more full-color pages, a total of 68, and as they did before, with a glossy finish cover and back cover. This time both show Westen House, a game developed by Santi Ontañón and with cover by Sirelion.

Among the usual sections, (meetings, game reviews, maps, interviews, cheats, and original articles) we will find an interesting interview with Juan C. Enrique, current director of Atresmedia Radio in Balearic Island (Spain) - Onda Cero, Europa FM, and Melodía FM, coder of the games Fire Star and Ghost! released by Omikron and Mind Games respectively, who tells us his personal history with the MSX computer in the 80s when he was only 14.

We will also find interesting chats with the Checz Martin Lukasek, webmaster of Martin's 8-bit blog, and Petr Panuška, coder of the Android version of Flappy, a well-worked research study (13 pages!) speaking about the beginnings of dB-Soft, its key game Flappy, and how it leaped into the Czech Socialist Republic in the 80s.

The most recent meetings in Stuttgart 2022 and the 59th MSX Ru of Barcelona are also covered in this issue as well as the latest games launched for the system.

Among its pages, we can enjoy an elaborated article with comments and screenshots about all the helicopter games released on MSX, 17 pages only for this information gathering. Do you know all of them? More than 40 titles! Where the recent Storm Rescue, winner of the 9th MSX-BASIC contest held last year, is also included.

All this and much more can be found on its pages! Are you going to miss your copy? Where can you buy it? As usual, the magazine will be published coinciding with the next Barcelona MSX meeting on the 1st of July, postal delivery will start later.

If you miss any other magazine issue to complete your collection, this is your chance to get it. Ordering old issues is only possible when a new issue is released. The price of this new issue is the same as the reeditions, 12 € plus shipping costs.

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بواسطة ro

Scribe (5055)

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29-05-2023, 11:16

If it was English, I'd buy it. Or perhaps send a copy to Wolf... But none the less, great initiative.

بواسطة shalafi

Master (160)

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03-07-2023, 20:13

I'm missing a link to buy it.
It's nice to have something on in Spanish