L'affaire ?

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09-11-2009, 18:53

The question does not concern the solution of:
- L'affaire Vera Cruz
- L'Héritage

Just for the complete solution of:
- L'Affaire [MSX2 - Disk 360 ko]

This game, published by the french company Infogrames, in 1986 for Philips, was translated into 5 languages:
Dutch, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Nobody, succeeded has to end this game ? Shocked!

بواسطة lionelritchie

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09-11-2009, 23:36

no, i'm thinking about lheritage (la herancia in spanish).
it really is a msx 1 game.
almost beat it in the 80s in my msx 1. anyone beat this one?

laffaire i realised i never played Sad

also the passengers du vent i played used to lock up later in the game, after the red headed woman is attacked in a jungle or something.
what's up with this game? if you choose the wrong options the game just seens to lock.

i will have to play laffaire now. will search for a spanish one, i have only the french.

thanks konamito m(__)m

بواسطة lionelritchie

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صورة lionelritchie

10-11-2009, 00:42

man, you click in your objects and they disappear forever
laffaire seriously sux

بواسطة JohnHassink

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10-11-2009, 10:14

No, no. They should still be in your inventory.
The game interface takes some getting used to.

بواسطة larsthe18th

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10-11-2009, 22:18

I found this guide in a Dutch MSX magazine and translated it to english online.
unfortunately its not complete and it's untested yet.

Have fun.


L' Affiaire (lnfogrammes.)

First some basic rules

Telephone: go with the cursor to a telephone. and push on the fire button, while holding the agenda.
Below you see the photograph of the person you are calling. Place the cursor on the photo and pres fire button.

Getting money: you first have to go to Barcelona. Behind the garbage can lies a man of which you see only two legs.
Give him money (select wallet, put the cursor on the man and press
Fire button), he will give you a bankcard (trashcan). Put the cursor on the drunken man
on front of the screen, he will give you the code of the bankcard . Always leave the code
in your pocket.
To take the 2000 Franks you simply go to a cash machine and insert the bankcard.
If the bankcard is empty call the first person in your agenda, he will put money back on the bankcard .

The police officer: Always show him your papers. Never take the colt (Gun) or he will shoot you.

The game:

Paris:Go to the slum. The 2nd person on the left says that Mylene married with an English man

Amsterdam: Go to the shop. Take the watch on the right side of the shop window.
Disguise yourself as a gangster and go to the man in the shop window, he will tell you
he has a Colt45. Find the Colt in the shop window and go back to the man.
Now he tells you he also has the bullets for the Colt.
Now go to the residential area. The person on the left of the canal is the Dutchman
who testified against you. Listen to what he has to say disguised as Raymond.

London: go to the sex shop, Give money to the 3rd person on the left. He will tell you more
About (your wife) Mylene

Cannes: go to the bar. The person extremely right is the barkeeper who testified against you.
Talk to him disguised as Raymond an holding the Colt.
The person sitting on the chair tells you about Jacko Macco who married a English hooker.
Take the picture off the table.

Rome: go to the film studio’s. disguises yourself as a journalist and show the photograph to the man on the left.
This man is Jacko Macco, he tells you he divorced his wife a long time ago.

Paris: go to the slum, talk to the girl on the left disguised as Raymond. (This is the suspect from Paris).
She tells you to go to the Moulin Rouge and talk to the bandit.
Go to the Moulin Rouge and talk to the man in the middle disguised as a gangster, he will tell you to go to Barcelona.

Barcelona: Talk to the man in the middle, he will tell you to talk to his two friends in the
Guell park. You have to arrive there exactly two hours later
TIP: Travel back and forth between the cashmachine , the park and the harbour to kill some

The two friends in the park will send your with an envelope to Mr Roger.
First disguise as Raymond and take the picture then go to the person downstairs.
She tells you where Mylene lives. Now you can go to Mylene’s house.
If your wallet got stolen in the park by one of the girls, take it back by using the Colt.
Take a envelope at the shop next to the cash machine.

Paris: go to the Moulin Rouge and show the envelope to the man at the right, disguised as Boss.
Now you can go to the Ritz hotel. show the envelope to the man at the right, again disguised as Boss,
or else you are kicked out by the man in the front.
Show the Colt to the man on the right (This is probably Mr Roger) to make him nervous.

Cannes: Go to the bar. Talk to the man on the chair (guy from the photograph) disguised as Raymond,
he will tell you about Larry Bachey . Go to the beach and show the envelope to the man on the left (this is Larry)
disguised as Boss.
Now you can go with him to his villa, show him the Colt to make him talk. Go back to the beach and return to the villa.
Now you see a other person, he tells you that Larry has gone home.

Rome: Now you can go to Larry's apartment. Talk to the 5th person on the left disguised as Raymond.
He refers to the PPCQ in Germany. Now you can go to the newspaper printing site, (Not sure what to do here).

Hamburg: Go to the PPCQ-office. If nobody is there, travel back and forth to the cash machine and the office.
Next to the man on the right you can find a PPCQ-pass (yellow dot) use it with your wallet.
Talk to the lady on the left disguised as a journalist, she tells you that Yann Marrh is preparing his speech.
Go to the PPCQ-meeting and keep the PPCQ-pass in your hand.
Find the person who tells you “The Leader” (Yann) is at the airport.
If you can’t find him, go back and forth from the office to the meeting. Go to the airport quickly before Yann is gone.
Talk to the person in the middle, he tells you to make a appointment. Disguise as boss and talk to him again.
Now he tells you to get lost. Show him the Colt and you are send away.

London: Go to the sex shop disguised as journalist. The man at the window tells you about a film.
Now you can go to the “Gray Hunt” film studio. There you can talk to a man. He tells you nothing.
Disguise as Raymond and take the Colt. Now he wants to go to a location with you… Only I don’t know where ?

Overview of locations:
Paris: slum - Moulin Rouge - Ritz-hotel
Cannes: beach - bar - Barry's villa
Barcelona: Guell-park - harbor - Mylenes house
Rome: apartment - printing - film studio
London: Sex-Shop - film studio -
Amsterdam: residential- / - shop
Hamburg: meeting - airport - PPCQ-office

With these tips you can play a big part of the game, the rest you have to figure out yourself.
If you open PHR.TEX with TASWORD or another word processor, you will find out that
Yann Marrh skips his flight just to talk to you. Also there are some more actions needed in the Ritz –Hotel.


Solution of The Vera Cruz Affair can be found here.

بواسطة lionelritchie

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11-11-2009, 02:47

really, i click in the object in my inventory, it appears in the bottom of the screen. them i click in the object in the bottom and it disappears forever from my inventory Sad

بواسطة Franckfr

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11-11-2009, 10:18

Good job Lars. Your translation is much appreciated.
We will compare your guide with our homemade guide.Smile

Lionel, don't click on the object in the bottom of the screen. Click instead in an empty place in the inventory, the object will be moved back into it.

بواسطة Walter.MSX

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11-11-2009, 11:18

Thank you for your help, larsthe18th.
Regrettably, this solution is incomplete. Crying

Lionelritchie: you click an object to take it.
But you have to click in the panel to put it back. Otherwise, it disappears.

بواسطة Walter.MSX

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صورة Walter.MSX

11-11-2009, 11:20

Thank Franck ! LOL!

بواسطة lionelritchie

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11-11-2009, 21:03

yes, i noticed that now.
an excellent game design choice, this one, making the stuff disappear.

and passageus du vent, when you make the wrong choices the game just locks?

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