L'affaire ?

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بواسطة hamlet

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صورة hamlet

01-03-2020, 15:47

In Stuttgart we are now three people using MSX. Nearly as much as in the 80s. Smile

بواسطة Matt512

Resident (33)

صورة Matt512

01-03-2020, 15:58

hamlet wrote:

In Stuttgart we are now three people using MSX. Nearly as much as in the 80s. Smile

Live in Brackenheim, near Heilbronn.
I have no Diskdrive anymore, nor I know someone.
Perhaps, I can sent you the complete L'Affaire Package, and you look after it ?

بواسطة hamlet

Scribe (4106)

صورة hamlet

01-03-2020, 16:01

It's not that far. I will send you a pm.

بواسطة Ivan

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صورة Ivan

01-03-2020, 19:32

I do remember that Les Passagers du Vent was one of the few MSX2 games distributed by Sony in Spain:

Sony MSX Software Catalogue (1987) at MSXblog
Direct link to the catalogue in PDF format

Hydlide, Laydock, Red Lights of Amsterdam, Kinection Conection, Chopper II and World Golf were the other MSX2 games sold by Sony in Spain. L'Affaire was not one of them, I don't know if Philips did sell the game here.

بواسطة hamlet

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صورة hamlet

12-03-2020, 16:44

Thanks to matt512, who sent me the original disk and the great work of Dirk_no I am convinced to present the foundation stone of a new german user scene.
Dirk had already extracted the text files many years ago and now he was able to merge the data with the help of an old DOS computer.
On tfh's WebMSX page, German speaking users can now finally enjoy the game in their own language.
Thanks guys!
You are great!

بواسطة tfh

Prophet (3430)

صورة tfh

12-03-2020, 18:06

Now let's see if the Italian version pops up somewhere...

بواسطة rderooy

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صورة rderooy

13-03-2020, 08:02

There should also be a Japanese version. If you look at the screenshots on the back of the Japanese box on GenMSX, you can see Japanese text in one of them.

بواسطة kurisu74

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صورة kurisu74

10-12-2020, 09:45

Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in because I'm amazed at the work of Granced and Walter.MSX!

I am the creator of the first walkthrough (in Dutch originally) which appeared in the Belgian MSX Club Magazine.

I could never figure out the end and I'm very curious how our French friends got to the solution! I will try it one of these days on my Retropie setup (I also still have the NMS8250 safely stashed away).

The Dutch version was indeed published by Philips on their NMS label.

I am trying the Atari ST version right now out of curiosity but it seems even more buggy than the MSX one Big smile

I still wonder how this game was supposed to make sense. I loved it tho Big smile

بواسطة Sebbeug

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صورة Sebbeug

10-12-2020, 10:07

It's simple, Walter forgot to sleep during 10 years to finish this game... Wink

seriously, it's crazy to think that the mystery took 30 years to be unraveled.

بواسطة kurisu74

Supporter (2)

صورة kurisu74

11-12-2020, 13:24

I tried it and it worked, and you have to indeed use the gun in the café in Cannes! Made a capture of the entire playthrough:


Might do the same for the Atari ST version :)

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