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Melon-DOS 0.01

by snout on 21-03-2003, 14:08
Topic: Emulation

Boukichi, the creator of C-BIOS has started development of Melon-DOS. Melon-DOS is a new Operating System for the MSX which can be used to run files contained in a .DSK image. Currently, the first version doesn't do much more than actually boot. Sources are included, however so it could be interesting material for coders, who are allowed to change whatever they desire.

Meridian 3 - progress update

by snout on 20-03-2003, 22:12
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Michiel de Vries has been working quite a lot lately, and the results are impressive. After seeing each others products, Michiel de Vries and Marcel Delorme (known from several GFX9000 tools and programs like Moonblaster Wave) decided to team up. The OPL4 wave-editor for GFX9000 and Meridian will support a new wave-format, specially designed for these two programs.

MadriSX 2003 fair report

by snout on 20-03-2003, 22:11
Topic: MRC

As reported earlier, two members of the MSX Resource Center crew visited this years MadriSX MSX fair in Madrid.

You could already have a look at the things that happened over there in our photo shoots section, but today we've added an full-length report about the

666 - the haunted house.

by snout on 20-03-2003, 21:58
Topic: Software

In the rare games section of the MSX Files, a new game for MSX1 can be found, called 666 - The haunted house. It's a text based adventure, available in both English and Portuguese.

On the MSX games box, a three-in-one review was added, giving information on the three very first MSX games, released in 1982: Night Flight (Colpax / Tomy), Saurusland (Colpax / Tomy) and Star Blazer (Star Craft).

Arcade Action

by Latok on 20-03-2003, 16:52
Topic: MSX Related

Currently, in Holland, you can't turn on your television set without being confronted with moving images of famous MSX games such as Hyper Olympics, Roadfighter, Galaga & Nemesis.

The Telsell channel is selling this 'Arcade Action' console. It contains 84 classic games and the console is being delivered with 2 controllers and a lightgun.

Mega Flash ROM web updated

by Guillian on 19-03-2003, 20:15
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

The website dedicated to the new Mega Flash ROM cartridges was updated today. First of all, there's a new version of the program to load ROM images to the flash memory, OPF. In version 0.3, the following things changed:

  • More ROMs are supported. You don't need special ROM versions, or patched ones.

Kame graphics

by snout on 17-03-2003, 11:50
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: HispaMSX

MSXKun of Paxanga Software, who also created the new puzzle game MSX Hot Numbers, has put a editor for SCREEN 1 graphics on his website. This program could become an interesting tool for the upcoming MSXdev competition

Get the tool on page 5 of Magapeich web

MGSC emulator for Windows

by snout on 16-03-2003, 14:47
Topic: Music

Together with the release of MSXPlug 0.27, PC Sound Antiques released a new program for Windows. The MGSC emulator enables you run an MML to MGS convertor (which usually runs in MSX-DOS) on PC. This way, you can create MSX Music on your PC. A nice tool for those who prefer cross-development.

MSXPLug 0.27

by snout on 16-03-2003, 14:43
Topic: Music

A new version of MSXPlug was released today. MSXPlug is a plugin for Winamp 2.xx which allows you to play MSX music files in the KSS, MGS, MPK, BGM, OPX and MBM format. The changelog of the latest version:

  • Changed the MBK loading priority.

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