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Moai-Tech continues as webzine

by mesiasmsx on 15-11-2004, 15:57
Topic: Websites

It has been a while since the last edition of the Spanish MSX fanzine Moai-Tech was released. After publishing 11 fanzines (the last of which was released on the 23rd MSX User Meeting in Barcelona) it became silent around this Spanish MSX group. Moai-Tech is about to break that silence as they are working on a comeback as a webzine.

Near Dark opens website

by snout on 14-11-2004, 14:04
Topic: Websites

This year Near Dark returned to the MSX Scene by releasing Happy 10th birthday Soepfiskje on the 2004 Bussum fair and, later, in the MRC Webshop.

Amusement Center have just added a new title to Plus!: Compile's Disc station Special 3. Plus!

On the 20th of July Okei updated her website and added a patch for MultiMente 2.07A. In fact it consisted of a bugfix: the dates in MultiMente were not displayed the way they should be. Recently, the same patch for MultiMente 2.07K was released.

tniASM 0.42

by Valken on 14-11-2004, 00:55
Topic: Development

tniASM, the popular Z80/R800 cross-assembler for Windows platforms has just had a minor update. Two minor bugs were fixed, while development of the completely rewritten, soon to be released 1.0 version continues steadily.

Last week BCNparty'100 was held in combination with the 26th MSX user meeting of Barcelona. During this party several competitions were held, including an 8 bit Music competition. This competition was won by Xenon (also known as SPL on our forums) with the song Satelite 1.

C-BIOS - Developers wanted

by mth on 13-11-2004, 10:37
Topic: Emulation

It has been a while since we reported about C-BIOS, the open source BIOS compatible with the MSX BIOS. BouKiChi initiated the development from this BIOS, writing it from scratch. The first version was released in August 2002.

GFX9000 library 0.5 + font pack

by snout on 12-11-2004, 22:25
Topic: Development

Marcel Delorme has just released a new version of his GFX9000 library.

This weekend the annual MSX fair in Jaú, Brazil will be held. During the fair, SLotman of MSX Files will release a new MSX game based on the 1980's TV show Dungeons and Dragons.

MSX in the Media: 80th nominee

by snout on 11-11-2004, 20:37
Topic: Media

The Dutch computer magazine PC Active have published an article on retrocomputing, mentioning MSX. You can see it in the list of nominees to the MSX in the Media Challenge.

Did you get or spot MSX in the media?

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