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MSX in the Media Challenge 2: 22nd nominee

by snout on 23-03-2005, 16:34
Topic: Media

CyberMSX sent us a link to the Nintendo section of the Brazilian gaming portal UOL Jogos, where MSX got mentioned in an article on Konami's Gameboy Advance game 'Mystical Ninja', whic

Audio Overload 2.04b

by snout on 23-03-2005, 15:42
Topic: MSX Related

Richard Bannister, a MacOS developer known for his adaptations of fMSX for MacOS has released a new version of Audio Overload, an all-in-one mediaplayer for MacOS, Windows and Linux which is also capable of playing KSS files

Digital Sound Antiques - Moved

by snout on 23-03-2005, 15:38
Topic: Websites

Due to hosting problems [OK] was forced to move his Digital Sound Antiques website, which contains the MSXPlug plugin for Winamp and kbMediaPlayer and several other sound-emulation related plugins and sources, to a new location.

Gorgon (Thunder Force 3) by MAD

by snout on 22-03-2005, 01:08
Topic: Music

Only shortly after releasing 4 SCC style songs, Japanese compuser MAD released yet another MSX flavored re-arrangement.

MSX História - Link added

by snout on 21-03-2005, 23:51
Topic: Websites

We have just added a link to a new website to our links section. This new website, MSX História offers images of cartridge labels for download. With these, people can restore their original cartridges in case the labels were damaged.

openMSX TCL Cheat Finder 0.3

by snout on 21-03-2005, 18:04
Topic: Emulation

Vampier has released the source code to a cheat finder for openMSX in the MRC forums. With this TCL script, you can quickly find data you'd like to change in a game (such as the amount of lives available).

Nekolauncher openMSX 0.1

by snout on 21-03-2005, 02:44
Topic: Emulation

Source: msx-emu mailinglist

Nekolauncher is a new launcher for openMSX running on MacOSX. The launcher offers all basic features needed to run MSX games from disk or ROM images. You can also get a pre-compiled version of openMSX for MacOSX at this website.

POKE -1,170's Airwaves #7

by snout on 20-03-2005, 23:57
Topic: Music

As of today the seventh edition of POKE -1,170's Airwaves is online. This radioshow, broadcast on Enschede FM is - like the fourth episode of this retro radio show - completely dedicated to the MSX computer system.

MRC moves to dedicated webhosting

by snout on 20-03-2005, 21:59
Topic: MRC

As of today the MSX Resource Center is hosted from a dedicated webserver in Germany. Due to increasing downtime and slowdowns at our previous ISP and other bad experiences with shared webhosting, we decided to take the next step: a single webserver completely dedicated to hosting the MSX Resource Center, fully customizable to our own needs.

Palette editor

by snout on 19-03-2005, 23:32
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Today, BiFi released a nice tool for MSX2 and higher called Palette editor. With this tool you can alter the palette of the MSX2 to your own liking (of to one of the presets) in order to make games that don't change the palette (at least all MSX1 games) look different.

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