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MSX Assembly Pages - update

by [D-Tail] on 19-03-2005, 01:18
Topic: Websites

Laurens Holst has updated the MAP (MSX Assembly Pages), adding some important missing information to the MSX I/O ports overview document. Now the memory mapper, PPI (including primary slot select register) and the subslot select register are documented in detail.

blueMSX 2.2

by mars2000you on 19-03-2005, 00:17
Topic: Emulation

BlueMSX, the MSX Emulator Comparison chart leader, has been updated to version 2.2.

4 new SCC style songs by MAD

by snout on 18-03-2005, 17:41
Topic: Music

MAD has released four songs created with SCC and PSG sounds: Legend of Silpheed (from Silpheed, PC8801), Green Hill Zone (from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega Megadrive), a BGM from Super Mario (NES) and an arrangement of the song Nanga Def? (from Technodon, Yellow Magic Orchestra).

Greatest Driver on Project EGG

by snout on 18-03-2005, 17:35
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center have re-released T&E Soft's MSX2 racing game the Greatest Driver in Project EGG.

Boukichi has released a pre-compiled Win32 binary of openMSX 0.5.1 which contains the debug extension he released earlier this week.

FudeBrowZer configuration file - update

by snout on 18-03-2005, 15:38
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

One of the most well known utilities for the multitasking UNIX OS for MSX (UZIX) is FudeBrowZer: a genuine webbrowser for MSX1 and higher.

Tetrinet - Source code

by snout on 18-03-2005, 15:19
Topic: Development

Ricardo Bittencourt has released the sourcecode to his MSX version of Tetrinet on the msx-rb yahoogroup. The file is, amongst others, only available to members of this group. You can join the group by following the instructions on the msx-rb website.


Bitwise Web HQ updated

by snout on 18-03-2005, 14:57
Topic: Websites

The Bitwise Web HQ has been updated, adding two new features: A contact form and an order form for BombJack and future products to be distributed by Bitwise. Apart from this a few improvements were made to the layout and code of the website.

IOMBCC entry 9: Prime numbers (2)

by snout on 18-03-2005, 01:32
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Earlier of this week we added 3 entries to the IOMBCC (International Obfuscated MSX-BASIC Code Contest) to our downloads database.


by snout on 18-03-2005, 01:02
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Sergey Bulba released a new package of PT2/PT3 tools for both MSX and ZX-Spectrum called PTxTools.

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