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Realms of Adventure - updates

by Peter_M on 21-08-2005, 17:56
Topic: Software

Umax, a Dutch game developers group famous for their games such as Pumpkin Adventure I to III, The Lost World and others, have updated their website with more detailed information of the upcoming game Realms of Adventure (RoA).

After ASCII, Bazix has just announced they also closed their One Chip MSX preorder page as of 23:59 CET, August 20th, 2005. This means the world-wide preorder period for the One Chip MSX is now officially over.

One Chip MSX poll closed, new poll up

by Bart on 21-08-2005, 00:23
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

During the pre-order period of the One Chip MSX computer the MSX Resource Center held a poll asking "Is the One Chip MSX going to be ordered more than 5,000 times before August 20th?" 79 people responded to this poll resulting in the following:

  1. No, but I think they will be produced anyway (41.77%)
  2. Not a chance (35.44%)
  3. Perhaps they are going to make it (12.66%)

ASCII closes One Chip MSX pre order

by Latok on 20-08-2005, 11:49
Topic: MSX Revival

ASCII has closed the pre order of the One Chip MSX computer, which they started on May 20th 2005. From the beginning, it was clear that 5000 pre orders were necessary in order to actually start producing the new machine.

Bart Roymans, former member of MSX groups such as Compjoetania and Zodiac, has released two improved versions of his F1 Spirit tunes. You can download them here and here.

MCCW moves to another URL

by Latok on 19-08-2005, 22:30
Topic: Websites

Source: Manuel Bilderbeek

For many years, MCCW (MSX Computer & Club Webmagazine), the continuation on internet of the famous Dutch MCCM (MSX Computer & Club Magazine), was hosted on the Aktu domains. Aktu was a publishing company which also published MCCM. From what we have understood, Aktu has been taken over by HUB uitgevers.

On August 15th, 2005 the MRC returned from almost a week of downtime. Almost all data had been recovered from backups, but we did not have the complete MSX Club Groningen (July 2005) photoshoot anymore.

Gradius 4, stage 1 by Hackurl

by snout on 18-08-2005, 08:05
Topic: Music

Hackurl released an MSX style arrangement of the Stage 1 BGM to Konami's classic shooter Gradius 4. On Hackurl's website you can find this and many other MSX style mp3 releases.

MSXRio website updated

by snout on 17-08-2005, 23:04
Topic: Events

Earlier this month we announced this year's edition of the Brazilian MSX user meeting MSXRio was to be held on September 10th and 11th, based on information obtained on the unofficial MSXRio website.

MSX Resource Center userbase cleanup

by Bart on 16-08-2005, 22:47
Topic: MRC

The MSX Resource Center userbase was cleaned up today based on validity of the emailaddress supplied with an account. While this is one of the measures MSX Resource Center takes to keep its userbase clean, it may be possible that accounts of active users are deleted. To prevent this happening to your account always make sure the emailaddress you supplied is valid.

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