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Django has once again made a partial translation for us to enjoy. This time it concerns the Kogado MSX2 game Wings of Arugisu. A somewhat dated looking RPG from 1988 that was released as ROM version and disk version. This translation is the ROM version however.

MSXart unlimited: ZanacEX

by wolf_ on 03-04-2009, 23:01
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Little over four months ago, MSXart Unlimited was launched. This challenge is like the previous editions of MSXart, but then without a set deadline. Instead, the challenge is neverending. When enough entries have been submitted, a calendar will be created from these.

Next month, Brazil will witness the arrival of a new magazine, called Old Gamer. This magazine is aimed at some old computer platforms, including MSX, very famous in Brazil. Other platforms featured in the magazine are Arcade, Atari, Dreamcast, Master System, Mega Drive, Neo Geo, NES, SNES and various others. These make up for a very wide era of gaming.

Enhanced Nemesis 2 video

by Ivan on 01-04-2009, 12:52
Topic: Software

MRC admin karloch has put a video on YouTube about the enhanced version of Konami's shooter Nemesis 2/Gradius 2.

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