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Ramones has unveiled the contents of the MSX compilation cartridge that is going to be sold at the 35th Barcelona RU this Saturday. This time the new 8Mbit cartridge is dedicated to isometric games.

g9bview 0.5 and bmp2g9b 0.6

by msd on 24-05-2009, 23:36
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

msd of Teambomba has just released new versions of G9Bview and bmp2g9b. G9B is a Graphics9000 bitmap format and is a part of the G9k library. A new feature in Bmp2g9k is a dither function.

rMSX 1.3

by NYYRIKKI on 24-05-2009, 12:14
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

We have just added rMSX 1.3 to our ever growing freeware database. This program, by NYYRIKKI, is the next generation of the former MSX1EMU. It's now possible to enjoy all the MSX2 goodies, directly from your harddrive! Other changes include the license, which has changed from freeware to shareware.

Retroaction reports on MSX

by wolf_ on 22-05-2009, 21:58
Topic: Media

The digitally published Retroaction Magazine puts the focus where you expect it: retro platforms. A landscape format magazine with quite a lot of pages, all in full color.

MSX day Hoorn

by bartholo on 22-05-2009, 19:01
Topic: Events

On May 30th, MSX Club West Friesland has been around for five years, after a restart made in 2004. To celebrate this milestone, everyone is invited to visit this Dutch club.

New blog by ricbit

by ricbit on 20-05-2009, 18:31
Topic: Websites

Brazilian MSX user Ricardo Bittencourt (ricbit) just started a brand new blog. This blog contains, among others, pictures from MSX games. The blog is available in the Portuguese language.


by Imanok on 15-05-2009, 18:21
Topic: Software

Imanok's latest MSX game, J.E.T.P.A.C., is going to be released on cartridge at the 35th Barcelona RU, the 30th of May. It is a horizontally scrolling shooter game which takes place in the near future.

MSX in rklok's showroom

by wolf_ on 13-05-2009, 11:55
Topic: Websites

Ronnie van der Kolk, who often uses our trading & collecting forum for MSX software and hardware, has just opened a real showroom in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. In this showroom, various Japanese retro products can be found, for Nintendo, Sega, PC-Engine, Neo Geo, and MSX!

MSXart unlimited - Konamiland

by wolf_ on 12-05-2009, 01:23
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

MSXosaure has submitted an image for MSXart unlimited, the neverending picture challenge, organized by Passion MSX. It's a park with a pond, surrounded by various Konami characters from the -very- early days. Currently five images have been submitted already, which is more than the 2008 edition ended with.

Split it 1.0

by msd on 11-05-2009, 23:03
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Teambomba programmer msd has just released a small DOS2 utility called Split it. With Split it it's possible to extract disk images from a concatenated disk image. A simple example would be a multi-disk game and a relevant savegame disk all concatenated into one.

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