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With all these maps by only_69, it's easy to forget that there's another MSX fan around who has regular contributions to the MSX scene: Django. With 51 partial translations of Japanese MSX games (including many text based games such as RPGs) he makes the life of non-Japanese gamers a lot easier.

MSX Solutions: Rick Dangerous

by wolf_ on 03-08-2009, 00:48
Topic: Websites

The mapping parade of only_69 continues its course. Rather than maps of all the monochrome MSX1 games he presented recently, he took a game much more closer to our scene: Rick Dangerous (including the extra levels!).

MRC Download Charts - July 2009

by snout on 02-08-2009, 13:37
Topic: MRC

It's August 2009 already, so it's time for in our monthly overview of Top Downloads @ the MRC.

La Mulana coming to WiiWare

by ajcasanova on 02-08-2009, 09:43
Topic: MSX Related

La Mulana, a platform game heavily inspired by Konami's MSX classics King's Valley and King's Valley 2, was released for Windows years ago.

MSX Solutions: Desperado

by wolf_ on 01-08-2009, 23:59
Topic: Websites

There used to be a time when mapmaker only_69 would save up all these maps for a mega update once in a while, but not this week. He currently releases new maps quicker than we could hum a song at.

openMSX for Dingux

by mth on 01-08-2009, 19:29
Topic: Emulation

The Dingoo A-320 is a small and cheap handheld game machine from China. Dingux is Linux for the Dingoo. And today an early prerelease of openMSX was made available for Dingux. If you own a Dingoo, it's certainly worth a try!

MSX Solutions: Bruce Lee

by wolf_ on 01-08-2009, 10:28
Topic: Websites

Our valued map expert only_69 provides us with a smooth ride through all the lands and buildings he discovers. Come to think of it, how cool would it be to somehow upload all his maps into a navigation device such as a TomTom!

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