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Nijmegen 2012 photoshoot

by Jorito on 08-04-2012, 15:36
Topic: Events
Tags: Photo shoots

We took our sweet time, but beter late than never we finally published our photoshoot from the 2012 MSX fair in Nijmegen.

M file manager 1.5

by snout on 08-04-2012, 14:18
Topic: Software

A massive update takes the M file manager for MSX to the next level. Recursive copy/move, support for LZH files and more!

FMPSG #017 - Dancing Queen

by snout on 08-04-2012, 13:49
Topic: Music
Tags: FMPSG, Chiptune

Another chiptune-filled audio CD is to hit the streets on April 30th, during the Music + Mediamix Market in Tokyo. MSX tracks included!

MSX Commander 0.0.26

by snout on 08-04-2012, 13:30
Topic: Software

A minor update to MSX Commander, a Norton Commander clone for MSX that fixes a bug in mapper size allocation.

MSX.emu 1.4.24

by snout on 08-04-2012, 13:19
Topic: Emulation
Tags: blueMSX, MSX.emu

This new release of MSX.emu, an MSX emulator for Android devices based on blueMSX, brings further optimizations and a bugfix.

Craftworld Aleste

by Jorito on 07-04-2012, 16:46
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Aleste, Compile

Craftworld Aleste is a fan remake influenced heavily by Aleste and Aleste 2 for the MSX. The shooter is completely made in the Playstation 3 puzzle/platform game Little Big Planet 2!

MSX Commander 0.0.25

by snout on 05-04-2012, 15:42
Topic: Software

MSX Commander, the new file manager for MSX, is rapidly receiving updates. Find out what's new.

Destroy The Core! have released a chiptune album on which MSX, Music Module and Playsoniq were used as key instruments.

Trilobyte-MSX just released a beta of their new MB1.4 player.

Orbit - Casing and connectors revealed

by snout on 02-04-2012, 14:01
Topic: Hardware
Tags: Orbit

The new MSX compatible machine Orbit is starting to take shape - its casing has been revealed!

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