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Nyyrikki interviewed for Finnish Viiksipojat

by Meits on 26-10-2012, 13:40
Topic: Events
Tags: Nyyrikki

Nyyrikki being interviewed while demonstrating his robo-arm-pong-msx at WÄRK:fest

blueMSX Launcher 1.13

by snout on 26-10-2012, 12:29
Topic: Emulation

blueMSX launcher adds an IPS patch tool, improved localization and extra information on available games. blueMSX launcher can be used with both blueMSX and openMSX.

Darkstone is entering #MSXDEV 2012 with a new game: Pixiedust

SD Snatcher ACE is an ongoing project to remake the MSX-exclusive classic SD-Snatcher, using RPG Maker VX ACE.

AdaptSC5 palette reorganizer

by Meits on 21-10-2012, 19:54
Topic: Development
Tags: palette, screen 5

Editing gfx for MSX on a PC is one. Converting it to screen 5 is two. But the palette. That's always hard third.

An MSX port of the 1981 Nintendo Game & Watch game Manhole - in no less than 10 lines of MSX-BASIC.

Gauntlet MSX2 ready for release

by snout on 21-10-2012, 13:23
Topic: Software
Tags: AAMSX, Gauntlet, TNI

k0ga of AAMSX/TNI announced the MSX2 remake of Gauntlet is ready for release at the December 2012 MSXRU user meeting in Barcelona.

A screensplit and a single-layer scroll test in P1 mode, created by Assembler.

openMSX port for Android announced

by Alex on 21-10-2012, 12:53
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, openMSX

Alex Wulms has started working on a port of openMSX for Android.

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