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Mystery Studios delivered a very nice musical interpretation of on of his favorite MSX games again.

AAMSX 20th anniversary disk

by snout on 03-01-2013, 13:21
Topic: Software

The 20th anniversary disk of AAMSX is now freely available for download. Contents include a demo of Gauntlet for MSX2, the complete game Pengo, the soundtrack to Genesis: Dawn of a new day and veejingSX.

The deadline to the Konamito MSX BASIC contest has been extended to February 28th, 2013. Those who compete have a chance at winning an original copy of Zombie Near.

MRC Download Charts - December 2012

by snout on 02-01-2013, 19:38
Topic: MRC

It's MRC Tenliner Challenge entries galore in the MSX downloads top 10 of December 2012, while a wallpaper of the Ice Age squirrel holding an MSX surprisingly tops the MSX related downloads top 10.

#msxdev compo 2012 closed

by Lord_Zett on 02-01-2013, 17:09
Topic: Challenges

The first #msxdev competition has closed with 7 finished entries.

fMSX/Android 3.6.7

by snout on 02-01-2013, 16:37
Topic: Emulation

fMSX for Android adds Netplay for multiplayer gaming over the internet, an optional virtual joystick skin, automatic frame skipping, social network sharing functionality and various other optimizations and fixes.

The final #msxdev 2012 entry comes from TNI, who display their skills in an MSX2 demo called Third Screen.

Brand new MSX developer syn released Barebone Bullets, a technical showcase of what can be done after several weeks of learning assembly.

Baruko is Gamecast Entertainment's second entry to the #msxdev competition, an open-source maze game for MSX1 computers and higher with 128kB RAM.

Gamecast Entertainment's Burner Burst is their first of two entries to the 2012 #msxdev competition. It's an open-source maze game that comes with a level editor.

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