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fMSX 4.9 for Windows and Linux

by ro on 16-03-2017, 07:50
Topic: Emulation
Tags: emulator, fMSX

Version 4.9 of the nestor of MSX emulators fMSX has just been released.

BEEP Akihabara announced they will release a garage kit of this classic game

The One Chip MSX pack has been updated to version 3.3

In April 2017, the Philips Museum in Eindhoven will organize the Philips Vintage Weekend.

MSX-Engine magazine scans available

by Jorito on 12-03-2017, 13:50
Topic: Media
Tags: MSX-Engine

The MSX community teamed up to get the Dutch MSX-Engine magazines scanned and made available for everybody.

The Carnivore2 project is a DIY cartridge with RAM+FlashROM+IDE+FMPAC+SCC support.

Donations are now open

CheatMSX & MrHydragon updates

by syn on 07-03-2017, 21:34
Topic: Websites

More replays and walkthroughs

Three MSX classics beaten, but very fast at that

SofaROM - version 1.1 released

by Louthrax on 06-03-2017, 17:04
Topic: Software
Tags: sofarom, SofaRun

A tool that allows to launch MegaROM images on MSX machines without a flash device

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