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Tomorrow, a new ringtone site, The Ringtone Society, will be launched at the Noorderslag Festival in Holland. Professional artists were asked to produce high quality ringtones. closes down

by mars2000you on 11-01-2005, 21:14
Topic: Websites

The popular Japanese MSX portal and BBS Baboo has suddenly closed its doors. The links database and search engine, heavily inspired by Yahoo, has been an important resource of information for MSX users all around the world ever since the mid-1990s.

Bazix to release MSX-Engine classics

by Latok on 11-01-2005, 18:58
Topic: MSX Revival

Engine Software has announced that it has signed a license and distribution agreement with Bazix concerning the re-release of Engine Software games originally released between 1990 and 1993.

In other words, all the legal deals have been made to make possible a commercial release of the m

The MSX IPS Patch Archive has just been updated, adding a cheat patch for Solid Snake and a cheat patch for Space Manbow. On MSX an IPS patch can be applied with IPS4MSX which can be downloaded from the Download database.

MESS 0.90

by snout on 11-01-2005, 16:36
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System based on MAME has been released. As usual, this version incorporates all changes which were made to the latest version of MAME and some emulation specific changes. In this case, none of the changes improve the emulation of MSX computers.

MSX gamemaps by Fabio Dias

by mars2000you on 10-01-2005, 21:43
Topic: Websites

Fabio Albergaria Dias opened up a new website containing maps for MSX games. Fabio has five maps available already to start with: El Capitan Trueno I, Terramex, Camelot Warriors, Godzilla and King Kong 2.

fMSX/S60 1.07

by snout on 10-01-2005, 18:29
Topic: Emulation

JR has just released a new version of the fMSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones. This emulator makes it possible to play MSX games on a wide range of Nokia mobile phones, the Panasonic X700, the Sendo X and the Siemens SX-1.

Easy 1.20

by snout on 10-01-2005, 12:31
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A discussion on shells and GUIs for MSX-DOS2.xx revealed Juan Salas's popular GUI Easy 1.20 had been declared freeware. As of now you can download it from our downloads database.

PT3 Player for MSX

by snout on 10-01-2005, 12:20
Topic: Development

Alfonso D.C. (aka Dioniso) has just released the ASM code needed to play files created with ZX Pro Tracker (PT3 files). As he announced in this forum thread, this player is capable of playing all features of the PT3 file format without any problems. The player can be used to play PT3 files in your own software, like demos and games.

Heavy moon (prototype) by DRM

by snout on 10-01-2005, 12:04
Topic: Music

DRM has released a new song for MSX in MGS and MP3 format in his DrMSX Soundwork section.

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