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blueMSX 2.8.1

by wolf_ on 03-05-2009, 11:31
Topic: Emulation

Almost a year after the previous release, a new version of blueMSX has been released!


by wolf_ on 02-05-2009, 22:40
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The MSXdev competition is generally seen as one of the biggest events of each MSX year. In 2004, the competition raised an exceptional interest from an active part of the scene, leading to a very successful edition in 2005. The already increased specifications may have been the cornerstone of this sudden success, in previous years these were just enough for relatively small games.

35th RU Barcelona

by Ivan on 01-05-2009, 14:24
Topic: Events

The Asociación de Amigos del MSX (MSX Friends Association) will hold the 35th MSX Users Meeting in Barcelona (Spain) on May 30th, 2009.

The latest issue of the Spanish magazine @RROBA was just released. It's a consolidated computer magazine, distributed in the whole of Spain. For this issue, the chief editors of the magazine were attracted to La Corona Encantada, the new MSX and ZX-Spectrum game from the the Karoshi Corporation.

BEER IDE interfaces

by altaris on 26-04-2009, 23:12
Topic: Hardware

Some Argentinian MSX users, who are subscribed to the Yahoo mailing list MSX Error 51, have managed to build themselves twelve BEER IDE interfaces. This IDE interface for MSX was originally developed by Egor Voznesenski and its design is freely available on the Internet.

RunIt 2.0

by W76NearDark on 26-04-2009, 22:57
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

It's finally possible to run the popular Micro Cabin games from harddisk or CF-IDE on a real MSX now. It doesn't matter which type of bus (e.g. SCSI or IDE) you are using or which filesystem (e.g. FAT12 or FAT16).

Padial Hardware - website revived

by MisterT on 25-04-2009, 19:25
Topic: Websites

The website of Leonardo Padial Ortiz has been offline for quite a while. Luckily it's now back in action again! Padial creates and sells interesting hardware for our MSX systems. His catalog ranges from slotexpanders to Z380 chips, from flashrom to interfaces for PC keyboards and mice.

MSXart unlimited: King's Valley

by wolf_ on 25-04-2009, 14:29
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Spanish MSX fan Konamito has submitted a new entry to the MSXart unlimited contest: King's Valley. The relevant game by Konami needs no further introduction anymore.

MSX Solutions: Tomb of Genghis Khan

by wolf_ on 25-04-2009, 14:13
Topic: Software

Tomb of Genghis Khan is a platform game by Impulse 9. It was an MSXdev'08 entry which eventually ended up seventh. It's generally a tough game to play, but you can leave it up to Brazilian mapmaker only_69 to eventually come up with a map. And so he did!

Article about Snatcher series

by [DK] on 19-04-2009, 20:36
Topic: Media

The Spanish leading videogame website MeriStation recently published an article about Konami's Snatcher saga of no less than twelve pages. The article appears in a series of writings dedicated to retrogaming called Regreso al Pasado (Back to the Past).

The entire site is in Spanish.

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