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MVM August photoshoot

by wolf_ on 12-08-2007, 22:26
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday, MSX Club Mariënberg, held one of their monthly meetings. This particular meeting was followed by a barbecue. A photoshoot about the meeting and the barbecue has been published on MSX Posse.

bgMSX - Mid-Garts added

by wolf_ on 10-08-2007, 15:15
Topic: Music

The song database at bgMSX keeps growing, at the moment there are 1773 songs available!

M$X T-Shirts at Matranet

by wolf_ on 09-08-2007, 17:36
Topic: MSX Related

If you fancy a new T-Shirt for the summer, you might consider one from Matra. Various computer-related prints are available, such as WII, Apple, Atari, Manic Miner, and Pacman. The interesting shirts for us however are the black and blue M$X shirts! Available sizes are Medium, Large and Extra Large. Have a look yourself!

fmsxDS 0.08

by snout on 09-08-2007, 17:14
Topic: Emulation

Nyagosu has released a new version of fmsxDS, an MSX emulator for the portable Nintendo DS.


by snout on 09-08-2007, 17:05
Topic: Music

The Japanese chiptune composer ZERO (shimokura) has released his first MSX release called Nightfuse in MGS (MML) and mp3 format. The song - that can be found by scrolling down ZERO's wesite - on uses PSG and MSX-MUSIC.

SCMD 1.10.1

by snout on 09-08-2007, 17:01
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of SCMD, the multichannel PCM and multichip soundplayer for MSX has been released. In this release, a graphical replayer was added. Furthermore, several small bugs were fixed.

The SCMD player allows you to play multiple samples on one or even two SCC cartridges at the same time, which is similar to playing MOD-files.

MSX IPS Patch archive updates

by snout on 09-08-2007, 16:58
Topic: Software

The MSX IPS archive was updated with patches for the games Aleste 2 and Golvellius that should make these English translatio

Tecno Soft returns

by snout on 09-08-2007, 16:50
Topic: MSX Related

On the website of Japanese game developer Tecno Soft, known from such MSX games as Feedback and Herzog, the return of the

MSXRio 2007 announced

by snout on 09-08-2007, 16:43
Topic: Events

Ricardo Jurczyk Pinheiro has announced that this year's MSXRio user meeting is to be held on September 7th and September 8th in SESC Engenho de Dentro, Avenida Amaro Cavalcanti, 1661, Engenho de Dentro, Brazil. This two day MSX event is the largest annual gathering of MSX users in Brazil.

ROMLoad 1.99t IPS Patch

by snout on 09-08-2007, 16:42
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

BiFi (Albert Beevendorp) has released an IPS patch for ROMLOAD 1.99t which re-enables a recently introduced feature in this ROM loader for MSX.

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