11. MSX Café

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

MSX Café wallpaper; MSXart'06 entry

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By Samor

Prophet (2148)

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24-09-2006, 19:58

wow, that's a rather nice one.
Many MSX wallpapers use pretty low quality graphics (e.g., a scanned pic, or pixel gfx) - this one is a little more creative and much prettier than most of them!

By carcharodon

Supporter (2)

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25-09-2006, 20:12

Thank You Samor !
I have created this picture with Maya and Photoshop. I often remember these long long nights playing the Nemesis Trilogy...That's why I chose thoses cartridges and the energy drink slogan. I like the idea of the "biscuits cartridges" that we can soak in the cafe, indeed when you play Nemesis you eat a lot Tongue (I can imagine Venom saying "eat this carcharodon !!" while my Vic Viper explode AHAHAH)
Not so easy to end these games, aren't they ? Evil

By Samor

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26-09-2006, 01:50

I finished the first Nemesis after years of trying... the second -no way-, and the third almost.. I'm still playing that one regularly so one of these days I might finally finish it.

Oh, I did finish the first Aleste finally last week... (I don't think I did before without cheating). Now I have to try the same with part 2.

Yup, still playing them after all these years. I play both new and old games Smile