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D.A.S.S. cheat

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

D.A.S.S., the impressive shoot'em-up from MSX-Engine is often regarded as a very difficult game. This patch gives you some extra continues and makes the game a bit less difficult.

Dooley The Little Dinosaur patch

by gdx on 20-02-2018, 00:55

This patch removes protection and improve the compatibily with MSXs.

The 3 disks in this archive contain the patch to turn Find it into a better looking Find it for MSX 2+ and MSX turbo R.

Fire Ball speed up patch

by gdx on 16-07-2021, 10:56

Patch for the Fire Ball to speed up the start of the game. It starts about twice as fast. The gameplay is also a bit faster.

The crc32 of the original ROM is 59260459.
The crc32 of the result ROM must be 0566F245.

FM-PAC ROM translation patch v1.10

by gdx on 11-06-2022, 07:39

This is a translation patch for the FM-PAC ROM by 232, Max Iwamoto, GDX.

Frogger Joystick patch

by gdx on 23-04-2018, 00:50

Joystick was supported in game but not in selection menu. It is especially inconvenient when using a wireless controller. That's why I made these patches that that allows to start a game with joystick.

Usage is as shown below.

Press button 1 of joystick 1 to one player game.
Press button 1 of joystick 2 to two players game.

Golvellius 2 demo patch

by NYYRIKKI on 07-01-2019, 09:34

Today I did run the Golvellius II demo disk on MSX2 and I was horrified by the look of it... I just had to fix it... You can now apply this 137-byte IPS-patch to disk image of demo disk if you like. (Same patch works for all language versions!) Personally I think it looks much better now.

-- Nyyrikki

Patches that allow to play to Gradius (Nemesis) on MSX with the 8 buttons of a SNES controller using JoySNES adapter.

Graphic glitches fix for Gravitica

by gdx on 03-01-2020, 08:35

Patch for Gravitica v1.0 (by Yusuke Miyauchi) to fix graphic glitches when run at 50Hz.

You can download the game here:

Jigsaw Set (J) Patch

by gdx on 22-06-2018, 10:19

This is a patch to get Japanese characters on any MSX by GDX.

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