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Screenshotter for openMSX

por DrWh0 en 02-09-2018, 22:55

Screenshotter is a tool for making automated screenshots/videos with the openMSX emulator.

This download contains a very simple No Fuss Level Editor (only 60 lines of MSX-BASIC code). See below a short manual of the level editor. This was the original editor that ANMA used to create the 60 levels of No Fuss.

How to edit/create No Fuss levels


On top of the screen : all the blocks (8x8 pixel each) to be used.

Solid VBasic Compiler + linker

por Josb en 14-01-2012, 20:28

Solid VBasic Compiler + linker for MSX DOS. This enables the generation of .com files from .bas files.

This file adds Z80 syntax highlighting in texpad. TNIASM's pseudo-instructions are supported as well. The file can easily be converted to correctly highlight pseudo-instructions of other compilers, like SjASM.

Z80 Runner is a rapid prototyping tool to cross-develop, test, debug and profile assembly routines before using them in production code.

  • source level debugging (stepping, running, breakpoint-support)
  • cycle and code size counting
  • profiling (counting total and delta cycles between steps / breakpoints)

Zombie Near source code

por nanochess en 01-04-2016, 21:24

This is the full source code to the game Zombie Near by nanochess that was published as cartridge by Matra (MSX) and Collectorvision (Colecovision), it includes several platforms, the main one is MSX, there are also Colecovision, SVI and Memotech ports. Includes unfinished ports to Atari, C64 and ZX Spectrum.

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