Quickshot Studio 4 sound mixing system from SVI

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11-05-2021, 20:34

Today I was able to lay my hands on a Quickshot Studio 4 sound mixing system from SVI. The year of release must have been 1988.
Although it has nothing to do with MSX, I would like to present a few photos here. It fits well into the SVI product line and the quality of workmanship unfortunately shows its origin.
The sound effects are of course reminiscent of video games of that era.
These are alarm, gun, lazer, rocket, bomb, jet, scan up and down. Mixing is possible between effects, mic, tape and line in. It has one build in speaker and a mono tape section.
It runs on 4 baby cell batteries or 6V dc.

Interessting to see how versatile SVI was back in the days.

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