Dusted off Turbo R seems to be dislexic!

Por ivanovic

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27-08-2010, 20:06

Hi, I recently dusted off my Turbo R and...
sadly it can't type the leters Q , G and V no more... is it dislexic? anyone with an idea of some homemade solution for this kind of keyboard problems?

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Por ro

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27-08-2010, 20:51

open up the box, get the keyboardfoil out and clean it. that's prolly all to it.

Por ivanovic

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28-08-2010, 01:40

I already opened and cleaned the prolly (and also saw how dozens of springs fell down Smile )
but the problem was still there

thanks anyway

Por flyguille

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28-08-2010, 01:56

jjojojoojjoojjojo! jajajajajaaja!