Penguin Adventure Sequel / Remake for OpenGL/DX

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Por karloch

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08-09-2003, 21:37

And it's not a utopia to believe sunrise will produce more units when there is enough demand. AFAIK (and I don't really know ^^Wink the demand for new moonsounds must be 20.No no! The utopia is that everybody want to buy a GFX9000 Tongue xD

Por mth

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09-09-2003, 00:54

If you're going OpenGL, I'm interested. I have some experience with OpenGL, but only 2D so far (openMSX has a GL renderer). However, I do understand the mathematics of 3D, so I should be able to pick up the practical aspects with some practice. Note: since I will continue to spend time on openMSX, don't count on me as the only programmer, but I think I could be a useful addition to a team.

I would prefer a new game in the same style, not an exact remake, to avoid any possible copyright problems. Also, it is probably more interesting for developers and for players to try out some new ideas.

Penguin Adventure was using fake 3D, with real 3D the zooming could be a lot more fluent which can make it look really good. But you need to find someone who can make good 3D models...

A game starring a penguin will certainly be popular among Linux users. But the penguin hero for this game should not have a beer gut Wink

Por SLotman

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09-09-2003, 02:33

D00ds i am actualy posting the kind of post that never gets answers or feedback but no matter, i feel like i have to do it :

I am seriously thinking about seeking peoples to make a remake or why not directly a sequel to Penguin Adventure !


I disappeared for a looong time.... and it was for a reason =)
I had an small "game programming course" here in Brazil - and as a final "test" we had to make a one-level demo, a game without violence, etc...

Well, my "almost-done" demo, which scored 1st place on the competition, and an indication to be chosen as a "game to be professionaly developed"... is called..... "Penguin Racer"!

Guess where I took the inspiration to do it? =)

I just ask to please *DO NOT* talk about this yet on the main page, there is some bugs I have still to sort it out, and lots of stuff to improve.

Btw: the demo was done mainly by myself with the help of 2 other guys, in more or less than a month... and thanks to it I may become a professional game developer... =))

Well, take a look and tell me what your feelins are about it ^_^

Geee... all this non sleeping till the demo is finished on time might have melted my brain, I totally forgot to post a link!!!

<a href="Http://" target="_blank">Http://</a>

That's it!!



Por J-War

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09-09-2003, 06:16

It's the kind of sequel i was thinking about visualy, i haven't played it actualy since i'm on 56k and it will take me some time to have it here on my HDD. (Hopefuly i will have adsl in few weeks)

If you need a musician/sound designer, i am here and it could be cool to work on such a game !

Some MSX Music remakes i made :

Check my website for any info or even original compositions of mine :

Por snout

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09-09-2003, 08:55

SLotman! Wow! Only few people are lucky enough to become professional game developers!! Keep us posted in the future and uhm... live the good life! Smile

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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09-09-2003, 15:21

Hehe, he said 'maybe' ^^;

Por FiXato

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09-09-2003, 19:05

Hey SLotman, in what language was it written?
Any chance the Linux users will be able to play it?
Because I would just LOVE another penguin racer game besides Tux Racer ^^_

Por SLotman

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09-09-2003, 21:18

Well, the game is almost all written in C++ and OpenGL... only the input and the video uses Direct-X, so in theory it can be ported. But to do so, it means also porting a full 3D engine made by a 3rd party, something not very easy to be done...

As for becoming a game developer, chances are very high right now... I keep you guys informed about it ^_^

Por Vampier

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13-02-2005, 03:12

hows the project going now? and how are you doing Smile

Por SLotman

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13-02-2005, 17:39

I made a second stage for the game (there's a video of it on the site), and won the frist Independent Brazilian Gaming Festival with it Smile

But the financing my University had promised me went down the drain; never saw the color of the money Sad

Since I'm going through some serious financial problems - the company which I worked for the last 11 years just dont exists anymore - as soon as things calm down for me, I'll be back on development again.

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