Tetris 2 - Special Edition on Blue MSX

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Por evulopah

Paladin (669)

Imagen del evulopah

20-09-2012, 10:53

Yes, very nice game guys. I also own the original 'blue' box with dongle.

Untouched for years, after reading this topic, it is time to unpack, plug in the dongle and load that fine Tetris game Smile

Por roadfighter

Champion (441)

Imagen del roadfighter

20-09-2012, 17:33

For real ? no copy ? and no dongle ? oO
Then it is easy to sell it again, but i like the idea of flopies and nice box and the uniek copy protection.

Por enribar

Paragon (1194)

Imagen del enribar

21-09-2012, 13:01

Yes no dongle! CD is both a CD audio and data.
You have to ask RAM to allow me to do a ISO.

Por roadfighter

Champion (441)

Imagen del roadfighter

21-09-2012, 14:15

enribar wrote:

Yes no dongle! CD is both a CD audio and data.
You have to ask RAM to allow me to do a ISO.

But offcourse RAM shold bring out the game on disk or the CD again.
There is a lot of nice software from the old days that would be nice to have around again.
I myself have the disk version, but i bet there are a lot of people that don't have it and would like to
buy it if possible.

Por craiganderson

Supporter (1)

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09-08-2014, 07:47

is there a .dsk file to share?

Por MarkoC72

Supporter (2)

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30-10-2014, 14:11

Hi guyz, we are back to propose u a game conversion, and this seems the right place to do...

After quite 20 years of silence on the MSX scene, we wish to realize the megarom version of T2SE
(since interest in this game seems still alive).

As u know it is necessary a good number of units for the production and we would like to know if
anybody could be interested in this project.


Por MicroTech

Champion (385)

Imagen del MicroTech

30-10-2014, 14:35

Mmmm... I feel that I can not exempt myself from ordering one Hannibal

Por journey

Hero (555)

Imagen del journey

30-10-2014, 17:40

me too!!! Cool

Gianluca L.

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

Imagen del Randam

30-10-2014, 19:03

I would be interested even though I already have the disk version originally!

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