Nemesis 2 vs Salamander

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Por pitpan

Prophet (3152)

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03-02-2004, 17:38

NEMESIS 2 is far better than the others, except for PARODIUS, that uses the same game engine and adds a lot of japanese humor and details. I do love the two games.
Salamander is "cold", it has not the same aura that NEMESIS 2. NEMESIS 2 has got charm.

I love it!

Anyone interested in coding NEMESIS IV or V for MSX?

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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03-02-2004, 17:40

Anyone interested in coding NEMESIS IV or V for MSX?
Sounds like a great job for you Tongue

And as for Space Manbow, it does not have the same 'formula' as Nemesis/Salamander/Parodius at all. It's just another shooting game. The destinctive feature of the other games is the weapons bar with the power ups. And ofcourse the storyline Smile

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9970)

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03-02-2004, 18:52

Everybody is interested in coding/developing all type o' games ... but only a handful can actually finish such a game.


Resident (56)

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03-02-2004, 19:32

IM a big fan of the Nemesis Saga

there was also Turrican
and Turrican 2 (dont think helped with the origenal designer tho)

X2 Multi
and LifeForce
also Vulcans Venture

I think there mainly acrade versions
you also have the thing were some games had more than one name
GRADIUS.. what was the name of the ship but also the Nemesis Sage in other countrys

Ive done a bit of Programing C++ MSX Basic and Pascal .. may machine code is so old tho
but ive not used it for a good few years .. it is second nature to me ... as soon as i being to read a programming lang i can normal write it

Sorry got to count me out Crying

Por pitpan

Prophet (3152)

Imagen del pitpan

03-02-2004, 19:35

Well, first I have to practice a bit more... let's say that I would be ready to program a new Nemesis game in 10 or more years. But hey, I consider it seriously. Wink

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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03-02-2004, 20:03

Actually the name of the ship (in Nemesis 2/Gradius 2) is Metalion.
Gradius is the japanese name of the game/planet, nemesis the european.
In fact, the gameboy games gradius 1 and 2 are called nemesis 1 and 2 in europe too.

Por mighty.m

Expert (116)

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03-02-2004, 20:45

what's wrong with nemesis 3? it kickz serious arse Smile

But hey Nemesis 2 and Salamander are equaly as good, both have their unique atmosphere...

Por konamiman

Paragon (1173)

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03-02-2004, 20:52

Woooah! Let the expert in the Nemesis saga to speak now... Tongue

In my opinion Nemesis 2 is not only the best Nemesis saga game, but the best MSX game ever. It is, probably, the game I have played the most. I prefer it above Salamander, because it has a better global design and playability; it is hard to explain, but I feel like it is sort of a true hand-crafted game.

And yes, the secret stages are really cool... what a surprise to find one of them inside another secret stage!

About the other games: Nemesis 3 and Space Manbow are very nice, especially the graphics and the music... but the bad side of them is that they are too short and easy. Parodius is nice too, and considering that it is just a parody, it has a quite high difficulty level!

BTW, about the outside world: I played Gradius 4 in PSX... and it is nice, but it disappointed me a little; it abuses of the renderized graphics, and musics are not quite Gradius style. I prefer much more Gradius Gaiden.

Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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03-02-2004, 21:00

I know Parodius uses the Nemesis engine, but it doesn't belong to the saga. :/

Why do people always put Parodius in the Nemesis storyline?

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

Imagen del anonymous

03-02-2004, 21:16

I didn't mean to put parodius in the nemesis storyline. I just feel it belongs in the poll since it shares the gameplay for a large part, and it has the nemesis plane too Smile

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