MSX Magazine celebrates success with festival!!

por Latok en 28-01-2003, 09:56
Tema: MSX Revival

If you happen to be in Tokyo on the 8th of february 2003, you are very very lucky. Following the huge success of the MSX Magazine there will be a celebration festival which is being held at the ASCII head office on the 5th floor of the Shinanomachi station building.

The festival starts at 14:00h and it will last until 17:00h. The official MSX Magazine website already gives us a glimp of what we might expect at this event. One of the fun parts will be a large quiz to determine who may call him- or herself 'MSX king'. The official website mentions a 'gorgeous premium' for the winner. Other things we can expect:

  • Several computers like the Zaurus and the PocketCosmo will demonstrate the MSXPLAYer
  • Info about the current development of the Linux version of the MSXPLAYer
  • A test exhibit of the USB connection ROM cartridge reader
  • Demonstration of several MSX developments, also some 'overseas' attention!
  • Selling corner with special limited edition MSX Magazine goodies.

Last but not least, at the event, the MSX Magazine editorial will give a public presentation and will announce info regarding the next issue of the MSX Magazine!

For more info on the event, go here!

Comentarios (3)

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

Imagen del Hydlide

28-01-2003, 13:50

any idea when there'll be an MSXPlayer for MacOSX?

Por msxgamesbox

Champion (397)

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28-01-2003, 17:01

I'm also an OS X user! Let's hope they do not forget us!

Por Algorythms

Champion (287)

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29-01-2003, 14:52

Lets hope they don`t forget REAL MSX`es!!
-Dan Derpaux