The best MSX1 games

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Por CrazyBoss

Master (210)

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22-10-2007, 20:04

There also where a lot of nice games converted from the Spectravideo 3x8 Smile "Pre-MSX".

I have some of them on some disks somewhere, but i dont know if those games was converted later maybe by amatuers.

I think they was published for Spectravideo 3x8 by mass-tell ?

Great games like:

*Old'Mac Farmer

Payload was also a nother nice, game i played it alot in the past, even its Japanese, at least my version where. And i always confused on controling the truck, but i like the gameplay.


Por Yukio

Paragon (1540)

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22-10-2007, 20:50

Payload is very nice.
It was a form to learn some basic aspects of the Japanese map.
I think that on Japan (England too?) their will use the other side of the road to drive. One time, I heard that this was back from the time that the "kings" had 'knights' and this has something to do with duels and the heart of the knight ...

Anyway, back on topic the game play is good. There is a story, the game save the progress (on tape?) and there is a nice end!
This is one of the games that I really wanted a original cartridge.
And the cartridge was published by Sony too.

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (963)

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22-10-2007, 21:35

Payload is a dual language game. Press F1 or F2 to begin the game in Japanese or English. Wink

Por Sd-Snatcher

Hero (582)

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22-10-2007, 22:00


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