Japan Telenet/Renovation Game

Por JohnHassink

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30-03-2004, 14:52

Man, I just love their style.
Andorogynus, Fantasm Soldier Valis II, XZR, it's just great.
The way they treat music and gfx is so... Different.
How would you call it, psychedelic, surrealistic or something?
Somehow it reminds me of the work of Moebius and Enki Bilal, and French avantgarde comics in general.

There's one game of them which doesn't seem to be liked a lot.
I'm talkin' about Sa-Zi-Ri. I think it has an unique atmosphere.
I noticed most people think the game sucks.

Don't know why I had to share this with ya, but I just had to, you know... Smile

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Por MrRudi

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30-03-2004, 15:17

I personally enjoyed Sa-Zi-Ri a lot, it was quite unique and the music was cool. Especially the mysterious intro part I love, arranged it a couple of times too. You forgot to mention Gandhara btw.

Por ro

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30-03-2004, 15:53

Yeah Sa-Zi-Ri is some different stuff... (like all Telenet btw) But it's so darn hard an chaotic to play. The musx is coooooool. Andorogynus is my fave, played it for days until my fingers bled!

Por Sonic_aka_T

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31-03-2004, 14:41

I liked Valis II, had a nice scroll routine for an MSX game. It's SCREEN 5, right? I guess that's pretty impressive. Only Akin had a better routine... Sigh... Would've been nice to have seen Coredump finished...

Por JohnHassink

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31-03-2004, 16:42

Ah, so I'm not the only one who likes Sa-Zi-Ri. The only thing I don't like about it, is that the bgm of all stages is the same. Lazy/expensive composer, or something. Sad

I didn't remember Gandhara was from Telenet too, I liked the graphics of that game but not the gameplay.

I think Sa-Zi-Ri is a whole of a lot easier that Andorogynus. My god, is that game hard! Never managed to beat the last "shock".

About the scroll routine: Sa-Zi-Ri had kind of a multi layer scroll as well, but with a pretty much smaller playscreen, ofcourse. I also liked the day/night effect.
Wasn't Ys III also in screen 5?

By the way, Akin ruled, only a bit too short imho...

Por anonymous

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31-03-2004, 17:35

Yep Ys III is screen 5 too, and IMO has very good multilayer scrolling.

Por gnomodiego

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31-03-2004, 22:22

I didn't remember Gandhara was from Telenet too

Gandhara was from Enix

C:Documents and SettingsSimon BelmontMis documentosimágenes MSXd-ggandhara -Enix- 011.jpg

uu... please, how do I add a picture?

Por JohnHassink

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31-03-2004, 22:58

To add a picture, you type [ img] (without the space), and then between " " you type the url, and then you close with [ /img] (without the space) again.
However, the picture you want to link appears to be on your computer, and that won't work, so you got to put it somewhere on the internet first...

Por JohnHassink

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31-03-2004, 22:59

For instance, [ img]"http://www.site.com/my_picture.jpg"[ /img]

Por gnomodiego

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01-04-2004, 10:25

ok, thanks