Quarth dossier at PassionMSX

por snout en 15-11-2006, 15:31
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The French MSX portal PassionMSX have updated their website with a dossier on Konami's classic puzzle/shooter game Quarth. The dossier contains a lot of background information and screenshots.

Relevant link: Quarth dossier at PassionMSX

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Por BiFi

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16-11-2006, 06:43

I'd need to find the original text again, but it's fun to see what I quoted about the game translated to french...

Por msxgamesbox

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16-11-2006, 09:17

Hey, you had quoted in English:
'Knowing Konami making something special of every game type ever thought up, Quarth is well worth having and playing. Using the Tetris-like shapes making up the weirdest of shapes to clear it even outruns normal Tetris. Needed a week to finish the 1-player game, loving every minute of it. The 2-player battlemode is cool when playing versus another good player'

which I translated to French into:
'Sachant que Konami faisait toujours quelque chose de spécial pour tous ses jeux, je pense que tout fan MSX se doit d'avoir Quarth dans sa ludothèque et d'y jouer. En utilisant des blocs à la Tétris mais dans les formes les plus folles rendent Quarth bien supérieur à ce dernier. J'ai fini le mode 1-joueur en une semaine et j'en ai aimé chaque minute. Le mode 2-joueurs est sympa lorsqu'on joue contre un autre joueur expérimenté.'


Por BiFi

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16-11-2006, 12:51

thanks for the help in finding it.